The Monster in the Closet

October 18, 2007
By Michelle Williams, Park City, UT

Once upon a time in a land far away sat a castle, and in that castle also sat a king. The king was a very responsible king that could get any thing he wanted if he asked.
“Servant, bring me the assassin!” the king roared
“Yes, your majesty,” said the servant.
Finally, after a very long and silent moment, the assassin quietly walked into the room.
“What is thy request, your majesty?” the assassin asked.
“There is a magical staff getting transported to my twin brother the wizard,” the king continued, “Bring the staff to me and you’ll get an award.
“And what of the transporter?” the assassin again asked.
“Make him wish he was never born!” the king spoke with such an evil, low, terrifying voice, that it gave a shiver down the assassin’s spine.
“I shall give you a sherpa to carry your supplies,” the king said.
“Thank you, your---.”
“Leave, time’s a wasting!” bellowed the king.
The assassin left with no reaction to the king’s words, but just quietly walked away without anything to say.
The next day the assassin and his Sherpa started out on their adventure to bring back the staff, and destroy the transporter. While they were traveling, a huge blizzard started. That did not stop them; they kept trudging through the snow.
“The blizzard is clearing up so we should stop here and make camp.” the Sherpa suggested.
“Very well then,” the assassin said. “We will continue in the morning.”
“Shall I go find some food, while you stay here and keep warm?” the Sherpa asked, trying please his master.
“Oh, thank you that would be wonderful,” the assassin said glad to finally be able to have some food in his stomach.
Mean while, the transporter was just a few yards away when he finally finished an afternoon snack and got back to transporting the staff. The assassin heard something behind him and turned to look. To his surprise, it was the transporter! How could we have gotten in front of him? The assassin thought. I thought we were supposed to be catching up to him...oh well! The assassin and the transporter drew their swords and started fighting!
All of a sudden, the assassin saw the end of the staff coming right at him. BONK! The transporter hit him right over the head. I do not know what the transporter was thinking because he assumed the assassin was now dead. Thinking more enemies would come; the transporter picked up the staff and continued on his journey.
Finally the Sherpa arrived and saw the assassin lying on the ground. “Master what happened?” asked the Sherpa.
“No, you tell me what happened,” the assassin demanded.
“I just got back from finding food and saw you lying on the ground. I have no idea what happened to you before I got back,” the Sherpa reassured him.
“Never mind about that, the transporter is getting away!” the assassin yelled.
As they started after the transporter, the assassin told the whole story to the Sherpa about how he ran into the transporter.
Finally they came to a huge festival next to a different kingdom’s castle.
“I bet the transporter is in here,” the assassin said
By a matter of fact, the transporter was in there and boy was he going to be sorry he was. The transporter walked into a closet with a bag in his hand. In that bag was a costume. The costume was made up of clown clothes, a real Jack-o-lantern for the mask, and devil horns made out of real red chili peppers. He took the costume out of the bag and started to put it on over his clothes, while humming Mary had a little lamb. When all of a sudden a hand grasping a knife reached out of the cloaks that were hanging behind the transporter. The hand stabbed him, and the transporter fell over with a thud.
As he slowly died, the transporter saw his whole life flashing before his eyes. He thought of how he did not complete his task and of how his life ended so quickly.
“Yes, I finally destroyed him!” the assassin said stepping out of the cloaks, but before he could leave with the staff, something grabbed him from behind!
Everybody at the festival heard this terrifying scream, but thought it was nothing, so they ignored it and went back to the festival.
Some people say that the transporter’s ghost killed the assassin, while others say that the transporter never really died. To this very day the mystery of the Monster in the closet, is still unknown!

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