October 18, 2007
By Alexa Bowman, Pensacola, FL

Kelly Sanders closed the envelope, a sense of relief making her slump in her seat. It was done. The letter she had been putting off for three years. Written in black and white were her deepest regrets, her apologies, basically everything she had been thinking about for the three long lonely years.
The letter was a prop, holding her up in this horrid place she lived in. This slum that she wanted so desperately to escape from. Mayeb this letter would do it. Maybe it would be her beacon of light, as Jason had once been.
Kelly closed her eyes and dreamed of days when she and Jason would laugh and romp through the long-bladed grasses of Central Park, completely in love and oblivious to the horrors around them. Until the horror knocked on Jason's door, clouding the happiness they had found in eachother. Until he had moved away four years ago. Until he stopped answering her calls and writing her sweet love letters from his beautiful home in Arkansas. Until he had moved on.
Getting up, Kelly walked to the door, her eyes adjusting to the dim light of the dusty room her family called a living room. There was no TV, no couch. Just an empty room in bad need of a good scrubbing. She closed her eyes, and again began to dream of a place where life was better. When her mom Cynthia was around, before she left two years ago. When she used to cook delicious dinners and the family would watch TV and eat at the same time. With her cornflower blue eyes and hair the color of midnight. Her smell was always the same. The smell of lavender and melons. A smell that could put you to sleep, as Kelly knew from experience.
Kelly slwoyl opened her eyes and the place from so long ago was replaced by the horrid festering sore of the slum she lived in, the image of today. Kelly snorted and walked to the door, where she pulled it open with some effort, due to the rusty hinges, and coughed as she stepped onto the landing of her apartment. "Kelly? Kelly Sanders?" Kelly whipped her head around, gasping to see a face that she had been waiting to see for three years. "Hello, Kelly. How've you been?"

Alexa Linda Marie Bowman

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