The Bug's Surrender

October 18, 2007
By Jason Cooper, New City, NY

To the Grasshoppers,

Life has never been so cold and harsh. The scarcity of food this year is astounding. This famine has taken the lives of almost all members of my family and my people. Only my brother and a few others remain.

The humans’ “Great Depression” has made a great impact on us. We ants have been struggling to survive the tough winters for the past few years. However, the products of our efforts seem to be insignificant compared to the relevance of our current survival.

We are starving. There is no food.

We are freezing. There is no shelter.

We are in a state of helplessness, in need of support, in necessity of just a meager morsel of food. All of this is to be blamed upon the humans. For their lucrative actions and damned extravagant spending, they have brought upon themselves as well as us this state of horrendous living.

Therefore, I withdraw and surrender from this atrocious war which our kind has been having for years. It is only tearing us apart in a desperate time of need. We need unity and accord. If anyone should be fought, it should be the humans who have inflicted this “Great Depression” upon us.

So, I say we should lift this depression from ourselves. We should act together, collectively, as one army, one mass, one group of bugs. We shall unite as one and take down the oppressive human race which has been our enemy for so many years!


Head Director of the Ants
William B. Ant

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