My Name

October 17, 2007
By Mykayla Tanner, Villa Park, IL

My name is Mykayla. Mykayla has no meaning and there is nothing special about it. There are not a lot of people with my name, but it is still not unique. Mykayla does not mean anything in a different language. It is plain Mykayla. I want a name that has a special meaning. Maybe my name could be Suri meaning princess or even Autumn for my mom’s favorite season. My grandpa’s middle name is really special. It is Leo. It is the name of one of the men that put up the flag at Iwo Jima. His name has a meaning, but not mine. If my name was Suri, people could call me princess. It would not be wrong. Princess. Yell, ”Princess” and I would respond, “Yes I am over here.” That would be perfect. Since I cannot change my name, I guess my name will do. I suppose I could tell people my name meant something else. When people say your name is so pretty, I will say it means princess. Yes, it means princess. And no one will question it ‘cause I will sound really convincing. Yes, that is what I will say, princess. I will be known as Princess. Mykayla means princess. My name has meaning, now. That makes Leo seem like nothing. I am going to start writing Princess Mykayla. People will think I am rich and powerful. They will bow down to me. Princess Mykayla. Being a real princess would be great, like Princess Diana or that one that was a movie star then became a Princess. Grace. Grace is her name. I could be pretty and smart and rich and famous. But I want to be born royal not married into it. Most royal marriages are planned. I want to be able to marry whomever I want. It might be a commoner or royalty but I decide. I choose my own destiny. I want to tell people Mykayla means princess. I want to be royal and rich and famous. I want to marry whomever I please. But inside I will always be Mykayla. The name that is plain and simple. The girl who wants to be someone she is not. Princess, yes, Princess is my name.

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