October 17, 2007
By Chris Messenger, Buckhannon, WV

One time there was a scientist named Dr. Vampenstein. He created a monster named Vampenstein. Vampenstein was part vampire, part werewolf, and part Frankenstein. He killed tons of people, and destroyed buildings in a town called French Mill. At least once a week an animal or person would go missing. Every Halloween a lot of people would go missing, and the only thing the town’s people would find is the bones of the bodies.

Halloween is tomorrow and I am still not sure I am going to go trick or treating, even though the monster supposedly lived over one hundred years ago. My name is Matt and I live in French Mill. I am twelve and I have gone trick or treating every year since I was little, but I didn’t know about Vampenstein then. My mom says it will be okay, but she doesn’t believe in monsters. I do believe and I am really scared because last year two kids went missing. My mom told me they just got lost, but I think Vampenstein got them.

I decided to go trick or treating with my friends Tom and Joe. We decided to go through the woods so we could get to town faster. After a few minutes of walking we saw a shed. We thought there might be something cool inside so we decided to go in it. When I opened the door a putrid smell came out. It smelled like a dead skunk. I looked in and almost passed out. There were carcasses of animals everywhere, and two sets of human bones that had had the meat stripped from them.

My friends and I turned around ready to run and before us stood a ten feet tall thing with huge boots, corks in it’s neck, fangs, and hair everywhere. As soon as I saw him I knew the thing was Vampenstein. We started to run, but Vampenstein grabbed Tom and Joe. I knew I couldn’t fight him so I ran. I went home and got my dad’s gun.

I ran back to the shed hoping they were still there. They were and I was ready to fight . Luckily the monster wanted an appetizer before his main coarse. Vampenstein was eating a skunk. That had given me the time to get the gun. I shot the monster twice. Tom, Joe, and I took off. I thought shooting him had killed him. I was wrong. Behind us I heard limbs breaking and moans.

The monster was slower than us so we didn’t have to worry about him catching us. My friends and I ran to the other side of a large pond. I thought since Vampenstein was so heavy he would drowned. I also figured he was stupid and he would walk into the pond. I was right. The monster walked straight towards us and into the water. He was heavy and couldn’t swim, and he sunk to the bottom of the pond. We ran to my house, and told my parents what had happened. They got some of the other town’s people and went to the pond. When they got there the body wasn’t there. My parents and the others were mad because they thought we had made it up.

They never did find the monster. We had no proof that he existed. We never went outside after dark, or into the woods, or trick or treating again.

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