The Engine Room

January 5, 2012
By mgrave SILVER, Oswego, Illinois
mgrave SILVER, Oswego, Illinois
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I am down in a submarine. It is dark in here. I am in the deepest part of the submarine, in the engine room. Red lights cast shadows upon everything. A dull hum comes from the nuclear powered engine. There is very little space. Equipment is everywere, surrounding me. Almost every space has some vital piece of technology that helps the submarine function. Suddenly, a meow comes from upon the top of a machine. Another meow comes from right next to the engine. There are cats all over the room, climbing on all the different gadgets. The machines move a bit, different levers and knobs going up and down. The cats just walk right around them though, not even disturbed. They are used to how the engine sounds and works. They hardly care that I am there either, although they seem to want food from me. They purr and rub up against my legs as I stand there. I pour some cat food out of a container next to the door into a bowl on the floor. They all rush over and begin to eat. While they are eating, I slip past the engine and out of the room.

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