January 5, 2012
By Koname BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
Koname BRONZE, Winchester, Virginia
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"My heart is like a plush one small rip and it all starts to fall apart." "Wait....what?" "Life is like a book, flip the page and you'll never know what to expect."

She closed her eyes, the gun shaking in her hands as her finger slowly went to the trigger. Steadying herself, she raised the gun to the boys’ head, the gun still shaking beneath her. The boy had blood across his face and along his mouth; sharp teeth edged his lips even when they were closed. His light blond hair tangled together and his ruby red eyes made you freeze in your tracks. Wet, red-stained ripped clothes that made him look as though he just got out of a tornado. His fingers were long, sharp and smashed together ready and waiting to stab anyone and everyone. The boy started to move slowly towards the girl, his eyes slowly edging her on.
“Come on. Shoot me if you can,” he said, his voice smooth and hypnotic.
The girl’s eyes went wide with fear as he stepped closer and closer to her. Her breath came out in gasps, as the images of her death entered her mind.
“Stop it...or I’ll shoot,” she said through stutters and tears. He didn’t even flinch; he just kept getting closer. He was ten feet in front of her before a bang echoed in the room. The gun had fired, but missed his head by an inch. She hadn’t even realized what she did until the echo dissipated. Along with her convulsive shaking, her expression changed as if that one shot had stirred something inside of her, an untapped ability, or maybe even her true face.
For now, she held the gun in her left hand and fired simultaneously making the boy back away, making him go on the defense. He twirled and jumped around the room like a monkey as bullets rang in the air. The only time he could catch his breath was when she had to reload, which surprisingly took her only five seconds. When the gun ran out of bullets, she ran and picked up a small metal dagger that was on the ground to the right of her. The knife was sharp, a fine point as a testament to that; she slowly raised it to defend herself. The boy smiled and closed the gap between them, thrusting his arm forward with great speed. In response, she instantly twisted the knife around in her hand and raised it diagonally to intersect the attack. His strength doubled as he pushed his weight on her hand. She had to lift her other hand to the dagger just to protect herself against one of his hands. A smirk came across his face as he lifted his other hand and stabbed her in the stomach. His hand came back making her crimson liquid spill out of her body.
Her right hand went to her stomach as she started to fade in and out of consciousness. She suddenly fell to her knees, her elixir of life pouring out of her body without repression. Her face turned a pale white as she slowly stood up. She swayed gently and then, like a switch flipping, she stopped. The blood suddenly stopped flowing outwards and her staggering ceased in a matter of seconds. Her eyes, once a light brownish green, now turned to a silvery blue with specks of red splashed in them. Her hair, black as night, shifted to a violet silver color. Her facial expression became sadder and darker in the dim lighting of the room. She looked around. The room they were in was pure white, but now it was splashed with red; it was small, at least a 10’ by10’; it had a low ceiling and wood replaced the carpet with a cool slick ground. There were no windows, so it was dark; the only light came from the door that connected to the rest of the house.
She remembered entering the petite, blue one-floored house that lay in the middle of nowhere, going through the green colored living room, passing the built-in kitchen with checkered floors and gray walls, and slowly slipping into the room where the beast lay with her two companions who now where savagely drained, ripped apart right before her eyes and thrown around like rag dolls. She now placed her cold, deathly eyes on the creature in front of her. Their eyes meeting as for the first time, he flinched in horror.
“You...You’re not human. You’re one of us. Why are you with the humans? You should be by my side killing these impudent beings,” he slowly stuttered out his fear. The girl laughed silently to herself, only a smirking smile crossing her face with emotion.
“Do not laugh at me...even if you are one of us, you are going to die for that,” the boy said, anger flaring from his lips. The girl smiled yet again, crouching down into an attack position, the dagger upside down in her left hand. She stepped forward and like a blur she was behind the boy.
“We are nothing alike Blake,” she said softly with an icy cold voice as she stabbed him in the back with the dagger. The boy stumbled to the ground, his hand crossed over the wound. “Blake D. Valentine, by order of the empires of the Vampyric race, you are hereby banished. Also, by orders from the Black Corp., a secret platoon of the Methuselah, you are to be executed. Congrats. You are to be executed by me, Number 1,” she stated the last part putting an eccentric smile on her face. Blake froze to the ground, the realization finally dinging in his mind.
“ can’t be ‘Iris the death maiden’,” Blake stuttered, fear now illuminating his face. He slowly scooted away as she walked closer and closer. Her hand went to his throat; he thrashed and skirmished in her hand until she twisted her hand to the left a little. The sound of his neck breaking echoed in the room. His dark eyes now became dead, and his lively hands became limp at his side. She threw the body across the room. It crashed against the wall. She raised her right hand to her ear pressing a small button on a mechanized ear peace.
“The deed is done,” she said, emotion draining from her with every word.
“Good job. Come back now, Iris,” a dark and husky voice said on the other side.
“Ok, I’ll be there in five minutes.”
“We’ll be waiting.”
With a click, the line went dead. For the last time, Iris looked around the room. The plan had worked, but the cost was high. She took the C-4 from her pants pocket and pushed it into the wall. She walked out the front door and tapped a small red button. With that, the building exploded in flames.
“It’s done, Mia,” she whispered softly, a small tear going down her wane face as she changed back into her more human form. Her black WANNA LICK shirt was ripped and entangled with blood from the stab wound. Her blue jeans were nearly drenched with her warm red elixir of life, and her black and blue chucks, which barely peeked out from her pants legs, had splashes of red all across them. She watched the flames engulf the house, and when they had fully engulfed it, she turned and walked away. She walked a mile before she stopped; she then took the bushes off of her Ninja, that was black and blue with skulls and flame decals wrapped all around the body of the motorcycle, and turned the key. While revving it up, she smiled an honest happy smile. She got on her bike and rode into the night, the moon following her every move. Then, as the moon began to disappear behind the clouds, she disappeared. Not even the flicker of light from her bike was visible. As the moon reappeared, she was gone. Only the bright light from the flames, and their silent echo were left for no one to see.

The author's comments:
I did this piece as a testament to my teacher that i could, i love how it turned out even after it was re-edited. Its a fiction that i hope will entertain people it doesn't really have a message or at least one that was directed to it.

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