January 4, 2012
By PrinceofCaine PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
PrinceofCaine PLATINUM, Fort Collins, Colorado
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I used to believe that we all were chained to our own separate time-line our paths decided from the first moment our eyes flicker open till they fall heavy and close as our heart's beat grows quiet like a forest as night descends. Our parents teach us that we will grow up, get a job, find the love of our life, have children, and grow old. Destiny ties us to the track of our lives in its crimson red twine tied by the hand of our gods, our parents, our teachers, and our heroes.
I don't believe in fate or prophecy. I don't think someone in this world is my perfect match maybe our lovers are just of the same thread and there are thousands of people who are exactly like us. I used to to think that there was no way to escape those time-lines and then I met them. They were a thousand feet under living their lives as if the next day was their last and as I looked under the water one of them looked up at me. She stared at me with her eyes and I blinked and stared back. Color seeped out of her pupils in watery strands of red, orange, blue, green, purple, and every other color of the spectrum.
They held their arms out knowing my choice before I had the chance to speak. I stood on a boulder of hardened black earth and tumbled backwards into the pit of dazzling blue. My body hit the water and I was pulled down deep beneath the surface, my lungs grew heavy and I gasped for air, but they kept me under. I let my eyes open and I realized I wasn't in water, but blood. My heart ached and my lungs exploded in a fiery attempt to escape. My vision blurred and my last sight was the sun through the veil of the waves.
I was dead for a second or so and then i felt the arms pull my eyelids open and every color of the rainbow spilled across the whites of my eyes. They released me and I was bottom-heavy unable to swim to the surface and then it all became clear. In order to burn the seal that holds you to the train leading to the end of your time-line...part of you must die the part that holds you to reality so you can truly be free. With my chains brokens and my manacles left on the ocean floor I walked with those who call themselves the Broken dragging other beneath the waves. Tearing the life from their lungs then bringing them back to escape the corruption of fate.

The author's comments:
Well, this is just something I thought about a lot and decided to put my twist on it

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