One Lonely Snowy Night

January 4, 2012
By Judith Nicole Dayaw SILVER, Bellingham, Massachusetts
Judith Nicole Dayaw SILVER, Bellingham, Massachusetts
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The soft solid flakes gently flowed down from above and landed softly on my nose. Millions and millions of snowflakes covered the streets of the large city of Manhattan. The small furry coat with large white buttons that came down to my mid-thigh kept me warm Underneath I was wearing a very pretty red and white Christmas dress. My tiny puffy dress flew everywhere whenever I walked and the wind blew. I was getting quite chilling, but the warmth of my daddy’s hand was keeping nice and warm. My daddy’s arm in one hand and my sweet, fluffy, lucky panda bear in my left. His name was Peter the Panda Bear and he had great big brown eyes that were as big as a large chocolate chip cookie. His body had some black on it, for he was a panda bear! I brought Peter the Panda Bear everywhere, especially to plays I saw at the Theater. He was my best friend. He was given to me for my third birthday but my daddy. I remember the day exactly. It was July 7th 2008 and my daddy and mommy handed me a wrapped box. I happily unwrapped the present and inside the box was Peter the Panda Bear. Ever since then, he has been my good luck charm and my best friend.

Daddy squeezed my hand a little tighter and we walked down a lonely road. It was a main street with cars parked on both sides with snow covering everything. It was pretty late outside and only saw a couple of people walking outside. It was still snowing.

“Honey, did you have a good time tonight?” asked my daddy.

“I surely did daddy! I Ballerinas at the theater were so pretty!” I answered back.

“Amy, you’re just as pretty as they are, you and your sweet red hair and freckled face” said daddy.

“Thank you daddy, I love you.”

Daddy and I walked passed a park. I don’t remember the name but it was surely large and pretty. All the Christmas lights were all hanging and there was a gazebo that was all decorated really nicely.

“Amy, do you want to take a quick walk through the park before we walk back to the apartment?”

“YES PLEASE!” I said enthusiastically.

Daddy patted my head and we walked into the park, still with daddy in one hand and Peter the Panda Bear in the other. It was all quiet and Peter the Panda Bear and I were admiring the lights when all of a sudden I turned to see a girl who was very skinny. She only wore tapered clothes. She wore a large jacket with some holes that looked too big for her. She also wore large sweat pants, a scarf, a hat, gloves, and worn out shoes. She looked homeless and cold.

“Daddy, who is that over there?

“I don’t know Amy, I think she is homeless. Don’t talk to her Amy, just let her be.” Daddy said sternly.

I looked into his eyes and he was seriously. I looked back at the girl and she saw me staring at her. The girl broke the eye contact and laid down onto the bench she was sitting on. I think she was going to fall asleep outside in the cold! I felt so bad and I looked down at Peter the Panda Bear.
”I don’t think she has any friends Mr. Panda Bear.”
I turned to my daddy and asked, “Why are people homeless?”
He answered “Sometimes people don’t have the money to afford living in a house or a room. That’s why mommy and I have been saving our money so we could live in an apartment in the city.”
Daddy and I walked past the girl. Daddy give her a simply head nod and I gave her a warm smile. She gave somewhat of a smile and laid back down to fiddle with her fingers. I saw her sad eyes and her helpless body. She was shaking from the cold. She needed something or someone to help her get warm and for her to be happy. I looked down at my hands and I knew exactly what to do.
“Hold on for a second daddy.” I said as I dropped his hand.
I ran towards the girl on the bench and stood right in front of her. She sat up straight and just looked at me like I was an alien. I just stood there, out of breathe, cold, and gripping Peter the Panda Bear in my left hand. We just stare at each other for the next three seconds.

“AMY, COME BACK HERE. WHAT ARE YOU DOING HONEY?” I could hear my dad screaming just a hundred feet away.

“Hi, my name is Amy and six years old. What’s your name?” I asked the girl.

“My name is Carlie and I am eighteen years old. Why did you run back over here?” asked the girl.

“I saw you when I was passing by and I saw that you were sad and lonely and cold so I came over here to talk to you.” I said to Carlie.

“That is very sweet of you Amy but I don’t think your dad is going to be very happy that you’re talking to a homeless stranger.”

“Well I just wanted to talk to you for a short bit.”

Then there was awkward silence, and all we could hear is my daddy’s footsteps walking closer.

“I told you not to run off like that. I am very sorry if she bothered you.” Daddy said to Carlie.

“It’s no problem sir; she said she just wanted to talk for a while.”

I took one hard glare at Peter the Panda Bear and I said to Carlie “I want you to have him. He has been my best friends for years now and he has kept me company. It’s is almost Christmas and this is me giving.”

I stared at Carlie and saw her eyes light up.

“I can’t talk this bear from you, you are six years old. You need him more than I do. I am sure I can manage without a stuffed panda bear.”

“Oh please take him; he will keep you warm and happy, even at the darkest moments. Please Carlie? His name is Peter the Panda Bear.” I said tearfully to Carlie.

I looked up at my daddy and I saw sparkles in his eyes. He looked so proud of me. I could see it in his eyes. He was pretty much showing his emotions in public.

“Are you sure Amy?” asked Carlie.

“I am one hundred percent positive.” I said with a huge smile.

I held out Peter the Panda Bear and Carlie slowly grabbed him. Right before she grabbed him, I brought him to my chest and thought real hard if I really wanted to give Panda to a stranger? Am I sure about this? But I love him so much. I don’t want to let my best friend go. Finally I came to a thought. I held out Peter the Panda Bear for her to take. She was unsure if she was really going to take him but I looked into her eyes and gave her an approving nod. She finally got him and hugged him against her chest hard.

“Thank you Amy, this means a lot to me. I will never ever forget you. Thank you so much.”

I simply said you’re welcome and walked away with my daddy’s hand in my right arm. I skipped out of the park and stopped. I turned around to see Carlie playing and hugging tightly to Peter the Panda Bear. I thought in my mind how much I was going to miss him, but me being a girl; I am sensitive so I felt bad for the girl. She looked at me and gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen before. She was so happy. It was obvious. I turned back around to face my daddy.

“You did a very good deed today honey, I am so proud of you and I could have never wished for a sweeter daughter.”

I smiled so large and I hugged my daddy. I knew it was the right thing to do. I was so proud of myself as well. Daddy and I walked hand in hand back to our apartment, without our smiles leaving our faces.

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