The Holder of Vengeance

January 4, 2012
By NyaEditer BRONZE, San Marcos, California
NyaEditer BRONZE, San Marcos, California
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Fast and faster, the man ran. “You’ll never catch me!” his favorite phrase, he held back. Now was not the time for petty words, for now he held a blade of vengeance and anger. Had he been more careful had this of happened, and was this the right thing to do? The two questions he never thought to think of as he used his skill to turn the dark forest into a blur. His light had been taken, and that is all he knew. The town knew he was a gifted “thief” that had found something to believe in. All were relieved once they discovered he wouldn’t carry his record on; however, no one knew what would happen now.
Only a few moments before his best friend, had been killed by an envois woman. An admirer from afar, who had once been a fellow accomplice, had now become the enemy of the poor man whom lost the girl of his dreams. “If I’m not to have you, then either shall she!” was what the old friend had said, the body of the girl in front of her, “catch me if you can.” The last thing she said, taunting the former companion, before disappearing.
The man had begun the chase not a few minutes after the girl had been rushed to the hospital. Whole town in utter shock, the man had time to slip through without being stopped.
Arriving exactly where he was wanted, the old ally laughed. Gunpoint, with no chance to escape, he was so close only to have all thought of it taken. He closed his eyes waiting, but when he heard it, he felt nothing. In front of him stood the sister of his old accomplice, a girl not even ten years old yet. His old friend dropped to her knees with a minor bullet wound to her side. The weapon the younger sister held, once unmissed, and now shone in the moonlight. Drops could be heard landing on the ground from where she stood.
Once vengeful, the man looked at the scene before him before calling an ambulance.
Due to emergency services, both precious people lived; however, his former “partner-in-crime” was sentenced to be put in “special care”.
His light, a girl who had brains the size of her heart, forgave her, though not forgotten, and told the once holder-of-vengeance how she “amazingly” managed to protect herself, but still look very hurt. She didn’t forget to add in all of the most enhancing words to tell her tale.

The author's comments:
While looking through the "100 Themes" lists, I found a few words that inspired this short story.
I tried to keep the story open for reader to create their own ideas of when, where, and character development.

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