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Insanity: another boredom piece

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The dappled leaves of autumn gently fell upon an unmoving shape standing in an overgrown forest. The figure was female, a young girl with light brown hair and fair skin. Her eyes were blue, but tinged red from crying. Her shoulders shook as she collapsed onto the floor, her blue, white laced dress pooling around her fragile frame. A sob of agony racked her body as she reached her arms out, scrambling to find a familiar object to grasp, when her hands stumbled across a stuffed rabbit. It was dirty, tattered, and burnt in parts- as well as missing an eye- but it was meaningful to the girl. She pulled the worn out rabbit to her chest as she wailed in anguish, then sat at and stared at the burned out shell of her old home. No longer feeling, no longer expressing, as dark thoughts succumbed her mind and she slowly drifted into insanity.

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