January 1, 2012
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Sunday morning, what a nice day in the middle of summer, where flowers are blooming and you can hear the sounds of birds chirping. A perfect day for a picnic or just having a cup of tea with some crackers by yourself. For Natalie, it was the worst nightmare. This sweet little girl had to deal with facts that her parents were too poor to send her to a college, although both of them had worked really hard. Wars had lead to global economy crisis, taxes thet were flying so high and daily goods’ prices that were bouncing up. Those were the reasons of why at least twcutleryes were flying in the family daily.

“Mom, I’m going to the choir, bye !” excused Natalie. Mrs. Brown did not seem to agree. However, she kept silent that day. Natalie loved singing the most. It was her only reason to stay alive. She had always dreamt to be a singer, probably a diva. The worst thing was that her parents forbade her to go to the choir, instead, she helped them to earn money. Natalie sobbed bitterly, but nobody cares to listen.

“This place is not a home! It’s a hell.. I have to go, run away from this place. Yes I have to.” She murmured. Without thinking twice, she did little packing up, then she wrote a memo

Dear Mom and Dad

I will be away for few days

Don’t worry about me

Your abandoned daughter,

Natalie Brown

She took all her savings. Not much, but it was her hardwork from babysitting neighbours’ kids. She went to the harbour and entered a ship without even knowing the ship’s destination.

Flashes and thunders show their power tremendously. Waves chased each other as they were going to swallow everything that passed by. The ship was not strong enough to survive in the savage sea. In a blink the mainmast had disappeared. Natalie grabbed on to the debris. She tried to paddle it, but the waves never agreed with her. At last she surrendered, just letting her restless body be swept by the waves away. Perhaps she would be in heaven the next day.

When she woke up, Natalie found herself in a very nice room. A pink bed covered with light yellow silk bedsheets, white curtains were beautifully hung around it. European carved furniture and a small side table beside the bed. There was a glass wardrobe with diamond handle, where luxurious dresses were hung neatly.

Natalie was still enjoying the incredible sights around her when suddenly a handsome man knocked on the door and got inside.

“Good morning , lady. It’s a pleasure to see you have recovered. You had been unconcious for three days since my butler found you.” Natalie’s face blushed, she had never been called lady before.

“Oh dear, your teeth are so disordered.” He paused for a while, rectifying himself , "This is Bloom Palace. I apologize for being impolite. Would you mind doing me a favor?”

“What kind of favor, at least I can do something to repay your kindness then.”

“Pretend to be my sister for a short moment, you will get paid and after you finished everything I will send you home.”

“You mean I am going to be a fake princess like in Hollywood movies? Sure! “cheered Natalie. “But, where is your sister?”

“I don’t have any idea. She ran away, just like you.”

“How can you know that? I mean, about my life?”

“I found a diary in your backpack”

The royal prince, Garrison Francis askedd Natalie to sign a contract.

“From now on, your name is Mariannette Valerian Foster. You like to sing, don’t you?”

Natalie nodded enthusiastically. After the agreement, Natalie received tons of private lessons, had very tight diets, and she would never forget the excruciating pain of wearing braces. At least she could have singing lesson. Every evening she took care of the sick king and queen. They were her main destiny of the contract. The real princess had made them so worried untill they fell sick. They reminded Natalie about her own parents at home. “What are they doing now?” Natalie wondered. “I’ll be home soon, very soon.”

One night Natalie performed in the city hall for Spring Goddess Festival, together with Garrison and his fiancee, Delizabeth Grant. While both of the ladies sang, Garrison played piano. Their performance were too fabulous that the smart king started to suspect Natalie. As far as she knew, their little princess detested music. Delizabeth realized it too. At first she did not want to care, but day by day Garrison paid all his attention to Natalie, neglecting her as she was invisible. The jealous girl started to scheme.

When the royal family were having dinner, Delizabeth suggested Natalie to wear a backless dress. She knew Marianette had a bornsign at her back. When Garrison realized it, the King had seen everything.

Natalie was sentenced to death and sent into an underground jail. She prayed, ”God, if this is the end of my life, please tell my parents that I love them very much.” She slept with tears rolling on her cheeks. At midnight, suddenly two black figures slitthered in her cell.

“Garrison!” yelled Natalie, “and you must be Mariannette!” exclaimed Natalie in excitement as she saw Mariannette. They looked so similar to each other.

“sst! Be quite. We are going to help you escape” But it was too late, some of the guards saw them. Garrison drew out his sword and fought with them. To prevent the sleeping guards from waking up, Natalie started to sing. Her voice was so sweet that they did not even know there was a battle. Although it was not a fair combat, Garrison could handle it and they succeeded to get out from the jail. They took a carriage to the harbour. On the way there, Marriannette told Natalie the reason why she ran away.

“I love cooking but my parents never agree with me.” Natalie smiled, “I love singing but my parents never agree either.” Both of them laughed. “Now we shall go back to where we belong”

After a long journey, Natalie went back home. Her parents welcomed her cheerfully. In bloom palace the king and the queen had given their daughter freedom to decide her future. They also sent natalie to art college and support the brown financially.
So, Natalie and Mariannette had learned a precious lesson : THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE HOME !!

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