December 29, 2011
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Note to Reader. This story is fiction and is not based on any real events or experience and knowledge.

I sat on the cold empty basement floor. Shivering because I was cold, shivering because of what would come next. “JILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!,” my mother bellowed as she trudged down the steps to the cold dark basement. There was never any peace for me. Ever since my father died 2 years ago my mother would drink away her problems, and then take her anger out on me. As she smacked the baseball bat up and down, I could hear the clink off the metal against her ring. A tear dripped down the side of my face. Lucky for me it was dark so she wouldn’t see that I was already crying. I couldn’t see anything but within seconds I felt the hard bat hit my leg. She broke my leg this time…

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