Why We Stare At Ceilings.

December 29, 2011
By alexb42621 PLATINUM, Brecksville, Ohio
alexb42621 PLATINUM, Brecksville, Ohio
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"To err is human."

This is a story about Karen. She was an orphan who was born in Scotland. It was a cold winter that year and there was a lot of snow. Her family was poor and they lived on meager funds. She had to run away to support herself, and after she came to America looking for new jobs, all she got was a low earning maid. Then, the genie of gratitude cast a curse upon her because she was unhappy with her situation. The curse was that she would become a ceiling, white like the snow when she was born, and forever having to have eyes look at her, a pitiful ceiling. But she found that she was useful too. People thought more clearly when they looked at her. So while she still remains a ceiling to this day, she has become useful. And that is why people stare at celings.

The author's comments:
A little light-hearted humour (:

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