Not scared to fall for you

January 5, 2012
By shyshy2233 GOLD, Mojave, California
shyshy2233 GOLD, Mojave, California
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this could always be worse<3

Tell me why god chose yew? why are yew, out of all people here? why is it your the only thing on my mind. That you still make me shy and when i see yew all doubt dissappers.
I can be doing anything and your still on my mind. You make me weak and i can barely talk. Anyone can metion you and i blush. Im just so confused on whats going on. Whats happening to me? They tell me that im falling in love and insecurly i ask "why, why now and why with yew?" I wish on shooting stars asking for a sign or any answer at all on what i can do. Because love can be bruttal and this is one leap ive taken before but its new for me and yew.
Im not scared to fall for yew anymore...

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