wonderful day

January 5, 2012
By , stevensville, MT
As she opens the door she feels the cool breeze rush to her. She breathes it in. Walking down the steps and onto the sidewalk she can feel the coolness of spring resting on her skin, almost blowing right through her. Her hands, chest, and cheeks get the chills and she can feel her skin rise with bumps. She shivers as it tickles down her spine. She likes how it feels; it gives her a peaceful feeling and calms her as she feels the warmth of the sun beating on her back. The warmth is cozy, it warms her, she can now feel the sun on her neck. As the cool breeze and the warmth touch her neck her hair rises, but just a little. She smiles because when she looks up she sees that she’s surrounded by beauty. The mountains in the far distance she can see. Her eyes look up at the clear blue sky, and notices the snow on top of the mountain peaks is being accented by the white puffy scattered clouds. She feels almost as if this is a dream. As she looks back down and straight ahead she sees the school now. She closes her eyes, takes a deep breath in and whispers quietly to herself, “this will be a wonderful day”.

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