Rainbows in the Rain

December 5, 2011
There was once a girl who was all ways rained on, no matter the place or time a cloud would drift over her head pouring down on her. Every day she cried for the rain would never leave. One day she ran past the edge of the world but the rain was still there. She swam to the bottom of the deepest ocean but still it followed her. She flew past the stars and left the universe behind. Yet the rain was never gone. Eventfully she gave up and sat on the road side waiting for the rain to vanish. Years past and still she sat with the rain drowning her. A dark man saw her waiting there on the side of the road and asked her if she was in need of assistance. The girl glared up and replied,
“Can you not see this rain pouring down on me? Every day it drowns me and it will never leave. No one wants to talk to the rain girl, covered in rain. When I get mad it will lightning and thunder and scare away those who speak to me, why must I be tortured by this rain?”
The man smiled and said, “Perhaps it’s a lesson that you should learn.”
“What lesson?” asked the girl.
“That rainbows only exist at the edge of the rain.” He replied and handed her an umbrella full of all the colors in the world. Then he wandered off in the world humming a tune wondering when the rain will clear up.
What nonsense, the girl thought, I’ve never seen a rainbow and I’ve lived under the rain all my life. She picked up the umbrella opened and twirled it above her head watching the rain fly off. She laughed at it and giggled. Happily she spun it faster and faster until she flew up in to the sky leaving a trail of color in her wake. When she landed back on the same spot there was an audience staring up at the circle of color in the sky. Laughing she spent the rest of her life running around the world with the rain and her umbrella. Whenever she felt the slightest bit down or lonely she would twill her umbrella away into the blue sky.

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