November 17, 2011
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Who is this woman? What a strange question. It seems so simple. She is a name- a face, a person. But then you did deeper. What is she like? For surly that is a question that defines who she is, because a person is much more than a name. But how do you describe her? How do you pick apart the aspects of her personality? Explain what she likes and doesn’t like, her temperamental mood swings, her past, her strengths and weaknesses. Who is she? You ask and wonder and I struggle to give you an answer. I, who have loved her for so many years, who have watched her live her life, have seen her story unfold in a myriad of memories, moments frozen in time like little gems captured as a tribute to her. I who still cannot begin to tell you who she is. Not that I do not know her- no, I know her far more deeply than I know myself, my understanding of her comes as naturally as the ability to breathe. I have known her for so long, but it feels as though I have always known her- as though our souls were connected long before either of us was ever born. It is not that I do not know her; it is that I know her far too well to tell you who she is. How do I explain this woman? This beautiful, hideous, loving, hateful, forgiving, wrathful, perfectly flawed woman. How do I explain her? Do I dissect the different aspects of her personality and psyche so that I can break the completely abstract concept of HER into a tangible thought so that you can understand, grasp, see, who this amazing woman is?

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