Stubborn Opponents

November 17, 2011
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So there is no way I am going to be able to reschedule the final football game, I thought to myself pacing back and forth across the white deserted hallway, that leaves me one option… reschedule my chess match. I know this will be hard but it’s the only choice I have if I want to do both. Then at that moment after saying this in my head I spotted Teddy across the hallway. I’ve known him for a very long time. Longer than I can remember and we’ve been best friends ever since. Seeing Teddy walking towards me made me relax instantly. He would help me.

“Teddy! Hey!” I exclaimed when I noticed he hadn’t seen me and was turning to the right. I followed him.


“Um… I have a slight problem. My chess match is the same day and same time as the final football game. What should I do?” We walked out of the school; I shivered at the feel of the cold air against my neck.

“Well if there is no way you can change the date of the chess match then I guess you’re going to have to choose, but you know how stubborn Damien is. See you later, got to go. Bye.” He finished his sentence while he waved after sitting in his car.

“Thanks” I thanked him although I knew for sure he couldn’t hear because he had already reached the end of the paved street. I was alone at the entrance of the school. I went back in slowly taking in the atmosphere, the trees who’s leaves were starting to turn orange, the bright blue sky starting to fill with white puffy clouds and the people walking or jogging on the streets. It took me a very long time. Then I grabbed my cell phone and dialed Damien’s number, my fingered slamming down on the numbers violently. It kept ringing, and ringing… and finally Damien answered.

“Hey Damien, its Edward. Could you do me a huge favor? Can we change the date of our chess match to another day?”

“Let me guess… you have a final football game at the same time?” Damien seemed to find teasing me amusing. He probably knew I want to do both things so badly but he wont understand.

“Yes, so will you change the match?”

Damien was teasing me, he loved doing that. Sometimes I wish that he weren’t so good as chess. He has never beaten me but he always tries anything to beat me. He’s going to make it hard on me and I knew that a long time ago.

“You are aware that the rules say that to reschedule a chess match BOTH of the opponents must be okay with changing the date… Right?”

Urg… I wish he wouldn’t do this. “Yes I know this. That is why I am calling you. So can we change the time?”

“Um… Well I don’t really want to, the time is so perfect so my answer is going to be ….no”

“Why? Please…” I pleaded, “What do you want in return?”

“This time Edward,” He paused, “I don’t want anything in return. I want to beat you. That’s what I want.”

“Urg... Please?” I begged. “Just an hour and a half later…”

“No” He could be so stubborn sometimes.


“Half an hour later and you give me 40 bucks or nothing cuz I got to go now?.”

“Done” I hung up before he could change his mind. I know half an hour wasn’t enough for the game to finish but it was enough for me to play half game and then go play chess.

I grabbed my back pack and headed to my car. On the way there I called Teddy and asked him if he could call the ‘referees’ to tell them to come half an hour later. After talking to Teddy he started is car and headed towards Wendy’s to meet with a few friends from football.
On the way there I started doubting to myself. Half an hour isn’t enough. The representatives might want me to play the whole game… I’m going to have to tell my friends and coach. He’s going to be mad. What am I going to do?!

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