When things come down to the least Minute

November 17, 2011
By hannita BRONZE, San Jose, Other
hannita BRONZE, San Jose, Other
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“C’mon. You guys can beat them. We are stronger, faster, and better! One touchdown! C’mon!” encouraged our coach before we reentered the beat up wet field to play what could be my last quarter of a football game of this season if we don’t win. I am the quarterback and if I want the littlest possibility of getting a scholarship to go to the same university my father went to, then we have to win. The representatives from the Georgia Tech University couldn’t make it here today so the only way they would see me play is if my team gets to the finals, but first we have to win the semifinals today to get there. Once on the muddy field we huddled up in a small circle and I briefly explained the play we were doing again since the coach had explained it once already.

“Ready… Set… Hut!” I shouted making it clear to every player on the field. The automatically the ball flew to my hands that were ready. Then I made sure Marcus, #89, was wide open to throw the ball. I threw it. The crowd went silent. I just stared at the ball fly through the cold and humid air spinning and spinning…

Suddenly my body was being grabbed and pulled violently to the ground. Someone had got me. Next thing I knew the play was over. We were about 25 yards further down the field which meant we only needed to go another twenty yards more before we would reach the end zone. 3 minutes left to play, 3 minutes left to change the scoreboard. Me team huddled up around a second time and I stated the plan.

“Hut!” I shouted again, and instantly I received the ball. Then I threw as hard as I could into the red end zone towards another one of the players on my team wearing a red jersey. Then I waited… and kept waiting. Every millisecond seemed like an eternity. All the adrenaline seemed as if it transformed into suspense.

Then, the medium sized crowd roared. We had made a touchdown! We were winning and less than a minute left to play! All that was left to do was kick the ball in between the two tall posts. Luckily I wasn’t doing that. Instead we had a super incredible freshman kicker who easily made the goal which was relieving. Now I told myself just play defense for a minute and the game is won. I repeated this phrase over and over again, and at that moment the buzzer rang. It meant the game was over. We had won!

“This is awesome! Yeah!” I screamed out loud at the top of my lungs. The whole team ran onto the field shaking hands, jumping, just celebrating. We shook hands with the other players and just started celebrating like crazy people.

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