Rugby Tour

November 17, 2011
By Anonymous

Justin was on his way to the airport. He was excited and worried at the same time he didn’t know which one he should express. He was driving there with his girlfriend, Rita, in his Mustang GT. Justin was trying to not let it go silent because he didn’t want to let her know how much he was going to miss her. He didn’t know what he would do about his education, whether he would have the motivation to come back and finish it. Justin was also worried that his girlfriend wouldn’t wait for him and he would lose her. They were driving on the highway when Rita said something that Justin was too scared to.
“you know I’m going to miss you right!”
Justin didn’t know what to say, so he hesitantly said “thank you”. There were a million things going through his head, he didn’t know why he just said “thank you”. His hands started to become clammy. As soon as he realized he said such a stupid thing he told her the truth.
“I didn’t mean to say ‘thank you’, so many things were going through my head. I am going to miss you more than you know it.”
Everything went silent. All they could hear was the roar of the engine.
Thankfully Rita responded. “I knew you would miss me. We have been in a relationship for two years now. I hope you would”
Justin gives her an apologetic smile. She knows why. As they pull up to the airport she smiles back. After all the goodbyes it was still sad for both of them to just say goodbye and for Justin to leave.

The author's comments:
This story is about a sport that i love and a team that i long to meet.

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