Puck In Love

December 22, 2011
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One day Puck was in the woods when he spotted a beauteous fairy with lovely green eyes and stringy yellow hair.

“Oh Beautiful fairy! You beauty doth move me on the first sight of mine eye! Tell me! Hast thou have a name?” Puck Exclaimed.

“’Tis Musterseed!” She replied surprised. “And thee’s?”

“Puck! Of course! The most mischievous sprite of all!” He yipped jumping on top of a rock.

“Hast thou come to help me?” Musterseed giggled.

“Help?” Puck asked very puzzled.

“Ay! I need thee’s help to get my friend to come out!” Musterseed said seriously.

“Then ay! I am here to help thee!” Puck replied and started looking.

About half an hour later Musterseed couldn’t stand it any longer she started laughing. “I can’t believe thou fell for that! And you play tricks on the ENTIRE forest!”

“What is thou speaking of?” Puck asked.

“I have played a trick on thee!” Musterseed laughed uncontrollably. Puck stalked away angrily to his daisy house and sat down on his petal bed. Just then he heard a knock the door. He opened it to find Musterseed stand there.

“Hello puck!” She called.

“Hello mistress!” he bowed to her.

“I’m sorry for playing a trick on thou” Musterseed said very sincerely.

“That is alright”

“Why do thou play tricks on me?” She asked.

“I do not play tricks on you! I love thee!” Puck replied. At that answer Musterseed stomped out the door.

About half an hour of looking, Puck stopped by the river to get a drink. He found Musterseed talking with a changeling. He leaned in to listen and fell into the river. “AH!” Puck screamed. Musterseed turned her to see Puck’s head go under.

“Puck!” Musterseed jumped up to help the changeling following close behind.

“Who is Puck?” he asked.

“A most gentle sprite” Musterseed replied.

“Ah yes, the most gentle Puck!” the changeling joked.

When they got Puck out of the water, he was very angry with the changeling.

“I don’t see why thou are angry with me” the changeling shrugged his shoulders.

Puck flicked his wrist and the changeling slew backwards. Then he took Musterseed’s hand and said, “I do love thee therefore come with me! And we shall rock the ground were on the mortals be!”

Musterseed replied with a grin and a nod. So Musterseed and Puck lived happily ever after!

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