Julia Talks Back

December 16, 2011
By Anonymous

Winston, Winston, Winston – I thought we had something special. And then you went and betrayed me in room 101. How could you do that? I mean, I know we said that if we were caught, we’d confess everything right away because we knew that was what was best, but geez don’t you know anything about women? We say one thing and mean another! When I said it would be ok for you to confess if we were caught, I really meant “when you’re caught allow them to dissect you alive before you confess as a sign of your love!”. Really Winston, it’s just common sense.
And not only did you confess, but you did what you said we wouldn’t do- betray. You betrayed me. And now I wonder if you ever loved me at all.

What? How dare you use rats as your excuse.

Oh please! There were rats in the room we shared together and you survived then. There were so many rats. There were rats and rats to spare. All you needed was a little- ahem- distraction and you were fine! You couldn’t have just thought of, oh I don’t know, me and our love together to take your mind off the rats? Of course not, Winston. Of course not.

Now don’t you go blaming O’Brien. I mean really, if I didn’t matter to you more than your fear of a rat I haven’t done my job well. I must be slipping. What do I mean by that?

I never really loved you Winston. Did you really think a beautiful 26 year old like me would fall for a mid-thirty something like you? Oh and that disgusting ulcer. I still have nightmares about that to this day.

No, no they didn’t torture me or set me on fire to burn it out of me. Ha!

Remember how you once thought I was a member of the Thought Police? Yes, yes I know it was a ridiculous idea. But very often 2+2=5, Winston. How do you think they knew you were terrified of rats, Winston? Who do you think told them?

Enough with O’Brien, he’s not the correct answer. Even someone had to tell O’Brien before he knew. It was me.

No, no they didn’t have to torture me to get it out of me. As a matter of fact, I don’t think they would dare torture me, considering the fact that I’m O’Brien’s wife. All this time you were worried about Big Brother finding you out. You really should have been worried about Big Sister

The author's comments:
Julia from the novel 1984 by George Orwell reveals her side of the story.

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