Cathy From East of Eden Talks Back

December 16, 2011
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Who would have thought I would survive even this long, you know, with me being the “Devil” and all.

My poor mother; too innocent to know that I could exploit the weaknesses of men at fourteen, and very trusting to give me the code to the family safe. I wasn’t positive that she and my father would be in the house that day…oops, my mistake. But don’t worry; I took the money for safe keeping. We wouldn’t want it to fall into the hands of a lunatic, would we?

Mr. Edwards, I did love you once; for just about as long as I loved my old Latin teacher. And no, I would not like another drink. We both know how I get with a little alcohol in my blood. And jeez, you didn’t have to get so pushy. I used your money for good, you didn’t know that? Plus, you’re no angel either Mr. Edwards. I bet you miss your wife.

I do have a way with men, don’t I Adam? Just ask your brother Charles; we became very close at a time. Oh, and about that servant of yours; he’s quite rude. The stares I got from him were not very appropriate. He looked at me as though my hair was made of snakes.

Ouch, those pins hurt.

How’s your shoulder Adam? Sorry about that, but you were just becoming…not what I’d hoped you’d be. And it’s nothing personal, I mean, you can’t help who your father was.

Oh and by the way, don’t call me by my weaker name. It’s Kate now. That is what everyone here at my new job calls me. Ask lovely Faye, may she rest in peace. We became quite close until her untimely death, and then it was time for me to take my fangs out of her and move on. And too bad about Joe and Ethel, huh? I always thought they were close with Faye. Oh well, some people are just much different on the outside than they seem to be on the inside, aren’t they?

Has anyone seen those pictures I had; that one of a priest and the other of a Congressman? I don’t personally care for those people, but I wouldn’t want their reputations ruined. Oh well, they’ll turn up somewhere.

What is it Adam? You don’t find me attractive anymore?

Oh Cal, it’s nice to finally meet you. What’s that about your father? You really love him that much? Oh, excuse me a moment, I must have some heartburn. And no darling, I’m not afraid of anything. I mean, when I was half-grown, I made a man kill himself. And it’s nothing personal honey; I just thought Aron would appreciate my things more than you would.

Do you like my new necklace? I made it myself.

Oh dear, it’s rather dark in here. And hot too.

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