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December 16, 2011
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After everything I did for you, my feet are a problem? After I smothered my own baby so that our family would have a chance to continue surviving, your main concern is that my feet are too big? All this money must have gone to your head since you obviously have no sense left. Oh, and let me just mention that you are rich because of me. Yes, that’s right, I was the one who stole the jewels that allowed us to buy so much land. You can’t even be a criminal as well as I can be. I mean, seriously, I get back to working in the field mere minutes after having a child and you repay me with that good-for-nothing Lotus with the feet of a five year old. Perfect Lotus, pretty Lotus, well isn’t she just perfect. Doesn’t even want to be next to you after you work in the field because you don’t smell nice, oh BOO-HOO. Meanwhile, I’m cooking your food, cleaning your house, caring for your father, shelling out sons one after the other, and you’re in pretty, little Lotus’s room staring at a fishpond that I basically bought for her. Maybe she’s even wearing the pearls that you gave me as you kiss her lips. I hope the sweat from my bosom on those pearls never fully washed off and she smells that all day with her pretty, little nose. By the way, your sons are a wreck, just because I gave birth to them doesn’t mean I’m the one who has to discipline them. Wang Lung, you seriously need to set your priorities straight. Also, how DARE you bring Cuckoo into my home, the woman who was cruel to me all during my time at the House of Hwang. Oh, well of course. Pretty. Little. LOTUS wanted HER as a servant because her precious little feet are too small to function. Meanwhile, pretty, little Lotus got pretty hefty and fat didn’t she. After everything I did for you, it really is a shame. And don’t come groveling to my at my deathbed like everything you’ve done is ok now that you feel bad. Feeling bad doesn’t mean you’re a good husband; a good husband would have done something about his feelings. You really made me hate myself, and the one thing I did to get payback did the complete opposite for you. I delivered your “Poor Fool” late on purpose to have someone more inferior in our house than me, but that poor fool ended up being the person you loved the most. In the end, I was the fool to marry someone so poor.

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