The Gypsies

December 7, 2011
By Unpredictable_Me SILVER, Warr Acres, Oklahoma
Unpredictable_Me SILVER, Warr Acres, Oklahoma
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A family of gypsies arrive at an expensive restaurant to sit down for a family dinner. They leave their spider monkey outside to pick-pocket and scam citizens out of their money.
They sat at a table that seats 15 and they sat in order of age. the head of the gypsies sat at the beginning, and the youngest, a little girl wearing a frilly white dress with curly blond pigtails sat at the end of the table licking a black and red striped lollipop.
The whole family sits and stares at a huge grandfather clock not even touching their food.
"Its almost time." An older woman says with a voice that sounds as if shes gargling nails.
All the gypsies exchange looks then they all look down at the little girl who is swaying her head side to side humming to the song "Ring Around The Roses".
"Are you ready, dear child?" The head of the gypsies ask.
The little girl stops humming and glances up meeting the stares from all around the table, then continues to do what she was doing.
The clock strikes 12 then the family looks back at the head of the gypsies and watch a blood stain form on his white shirt in the middle of his chest.
Just then the lights of the restaurant shut off, there are screams and the sound of the little girl's giggling, then the lights flicker back on. Blood covers the room and dead bodies from customers and the gypsies cover the floor. No one remains except for the little girl who's hair and dress color are now black and her pupils dilated. The spider monkey scampers in and hops onto the little girl's shoulder chattering to her.
As if shes obeying the monkey, the little girl hops down off her chair and skips into the restaurant's kitchen. She grabs a boiling pan and sets the stove to high, placing the pan on the flame, and pours water into it. The monkey ran back and forth handing the girl ingredients as she mindlessly throws them in and stirs it into the boiling water.
The monkey chatters at the girl and she picks the scorching hot pot up and walks back to the front room of the restaurant where the dead bodies lay. As the monkey goes around pick-pocketing all the corpses the little girl goes to her family's bodies and starts to sing as she pours the boiling water over the corpses.
"Ring around the roses" she sings in a slow tune. "Pocket full of posies ashes, ashes we all fall down."
The little girl watches the water wash away the colors of death off of her family members, ridding their bodies of the scars, cuts, and blood.
The girl finishes pouring the mixture, and the gypsies rise to their feet looking brand new and they leave the restaurant. The spider monkey finishes stealing the corpses' money and gets ready to leave with the family but turns, examines the bloody room, smiles, then scampers away.

The author's comments:
this was a dream it was pretty weird so i thought I'd put it into a short story and share it

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