Running From The Controllers

December 22, 2011
By , Boston, MA
Her eyes sprang open, face stuck to the wet dirt ground. Her nostrils filled with the deep, fresh scent of earth. She brought herself up into a kneeling position, blinking out the sudden light in her eyes. Her lips were dry, and her throat was parched, not to mention the dirty tangle of hair at the nap of her neck, strands evading from the elastic holding it together.
I have to get away farther, she thought. She sniffed her greasy hair. And a shower. He’ll be tracking me already.
All her weariness gone, she sprang up, her body breaking the brambles covering her body. She ran and zigzagged through the thick brush with god-like speed, lithely leaping over rocks and streams like a cougar. Soon, she heard the heavy chop of a helicopter through the thick, humid air. Its sharp black body appeared out of the heavy fog, the tinted windows gleaming like giant bug eyes. And it was racing right towards her.
“Shoot,” she hissed.
“He’s closer than I thought!” she shouted to herself in frustration.
She tried to push her speed to its limits, ducking under fallen trees in the forests of Washington. The helicopter was right on top of her, close enough for her to see an inling, the alien race He paid as mercenaries. Its foaming mouth was thick with blood of its last meal, sending a chill down her spine. Anastasia whipped her head back around, and then propelled herself forward with a burst of speed.
She knew what was coming next. He would let loose the hunting dogs, Racer and Spite. She looked to her right, and saw a huge river, just starting to turn into rapids.
I can handle that, she thought smugly.
She dove feet first into the water, the crash snapping off the sound of a desperate cry of a wolf. An explosion of bubbles enveloped her body, the cold northern water shocking her senses, taking her breath, crushing her lungs inward, as she sank into the river currents. She surfaced, and noticed something was wrong. The rapids were speeding up, pulling her body against her will, and she could hear a huge crashing that only came with-
Oh, she began to think, “NOOOO!” she screamed as she fell down a mammoth waterfall. She spun in the air, her head getting doused with giant waves of frigid water.
She dropped into the roaring lake, and hit her head on something hard, black spots blinking in her eyes, losing consciousness. She floated along the edge of the water. The last thing she was aware of was crawling onto a sun-dried sandbar, closing her eyes against the noonday sun, her thoughts filled with the tortures that He had inflicted….

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