Haunting The Night

December 21, 2011
By hamstergirlv BRONZE, Gansevoort, New York
hamstergirlv BRONZE, Gansevoort, New York
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“You are gifted.” He told me. I don’t know why I ever believed him. This isn’t a gift, it’s a curse. A curse that will forever hold me in its cold, disgusting arms. This curse is unforgivable and absolutely horrible. The sun is my weakness. My father would tell me that every day when I was younger. “Once the sun starts to rise, run to the shadows.” He would say. The sun burns our skin. The rays of the sun would eventually make us into a pile of ash if we stood there long enough. This is our main weakness. “Churches. Crosses. Holy water. Garlic.” He said. Stay away from them. They hurt us. We are not allowed into a home unless we are invited in. If we go in without getting inviting, we are again made into ashes.
No reflection. No blood running through my veins. No heartbeat. I’m not human no matter how much I want to be. During the day we are supposed to be at rest and night is our time to be free. When I was young, I lived with my father in an old shack near a beach. My father praised our kind. He believed we are the most extraordinary creatures. He would preach to me about how amazing we are. I did believe him. I don’t know why I listened. We are disgusting and obnoxious. We take from others to fulfill our own needs. That is not right! Either we die from lack of thirst because we leave them alone or they die from us thirsting upon them!
If there was another way out of it I would take it. If I could kill myself I would have already done it. I live alone now, in the same shack, near the same beach. It has been three hundred years since my father died.
We were hunting and decided to go on foot. Walking slow, like regular humans. This is our time of the day. When the street is dark except the soft lighting of the street lights. The street is full of trash from the humans incapable of being clean. I can hear an owl that must be a town away. All of a sudden my father stopped. There was another of our kind. We could both smell the scent. He started walking faster and I glided behind him. She was in an alley. She caught a human and was eating away. “This is our land.” My father said. She ignored him and continued to feed. He sped over to her and grabbed her. She now stood up with him holding her shoulders.
Her eyes bulged. “Dracula! How nice to see you.” She said. Yes, I am the daughter of Dracula. “This is our land.” My father repeated. “C’mon Drac.” She said. My father growled. I smelled a wonderful scent. A scent filled with flowers and iron and.. blood. I turned around to see a human had somehow snuck up on us. He threw holy water at my father. He fell to the ground. “Dad!” I yelled. “Run, Alice!” He screamed. I have never disobeyed my father. I ran back to our shack and waited. I waited nights and days. My father died in that alley.

The author's comments:
I really love this piece, just saying.

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