The Lost Castle

December 20, 2011

Once, long long ago, there was a man. Though he wasn't what you would call 'normal'. He believed that everything lost, weather it be toy or child, would find themselves in the Lost Castle.

The lost Castle was a myth, in which when a child or toy would be lost, they would some how find the castle. And, when the time was right, they would be able to leave.

But, no one belived him. They all called him crazy. So, the man set out to find the castle. But, when he did not come back, many of the people he told his thoughts to thought him to be dead, and his words were left behind the be burried by everything else.

But, the man was anything but dead. He was alive and well, searching for the thing so many people called him insane for. He searched and searched, day and night, snow and rain, untill he found it.

A large white castle made of so many things, sat in an uncharted part of the world. He walked in, and the door slammed behind him. After a while of looking, he decided he should go back. But, when he tried to open the door again, he found that it was something along the lines of locked. But the door had no locks.

Since the world thought of him as dead, he would never be able to leave. But he didn't know that. Yet that is.

So, since he couldn't leave, he began wandering around. When, he found the captians cabin and the Golden Book.

Soon, another child joined him. The castle was getting its magic back. One by one, children of all sorts, all kinds of creatures from humans to humanoid Behemoths.

But, as one must live, one must die as well. By that time, the castle was flying again, soaring over the clouds like a giant bird. The man soon passed, leaving the residents of the castle to navigate. After about a year of this process, they finally just pushed the responsibility onto one of the older members.

So, the habit of some coming, and some leaving or deciding became a second part of life. The only reason everyone cried when it happened was because everyone here was concidered family.

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