Flying through the Air

December 15, 2011
By Jessica Gilmore BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
Jessica Gilmore BRONZE, Mosca, Colorado
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Jessica: I was getting the saddle and saddle blanket ready to get on my two year old horse for the first time. I get the saddle strapped on and I put my foot in the stirrup and slowly sat down in the saddle. As soon as I gave him the light kick so he would start walking, he exploded into the air and started bucking rapidly. I grabbed my saddle horn with all my might trying to stay on. I slowly felt my grip loosening after the first couple of bucks and by the next buck I was flying through the air in slow motion watching myself hit the ground. The adrenaline started running through my body, it did not even hurt and I got right back up.

Horse: It was a normal day in the corrals and I just got done eating my hay and moved on to my grain when my owner walks up with a saddle in her hands. No thoughts about it, I finished my grain. She walks in the pen and puts on my halter and bridle. She ties me up to the fence then she goes back for the saddle blanket. She puts it in front of my nose and I give it a whiff, and she throws it on my back. Then she walks back to get the saddle and also lets me smell it and then puts it over the saddle blanket. After tightening it up she puts one foot in the stirrup and swings herself up. After sitting up there for a little, she stabbed me with the heel of her boot. All I wanted was her to get off of me, so I started bucking.

Saddle: I was sitting in my shed like every normal day when a girl comes in and grabs me along with the saddle blanket and takes me out to the horse corral and sets us down right next to a fresh pile of stinky horse poop. While she went over and tied the horse, she walks back to us and picks up the saddle blanket shoves it next to its nose and sets it on his back. Getting away from the stinky poop was a relief or I thought it was going to be. Just like the saddle blanket I get shoved up next to his nose and then thrown on his back. My arms quickly squeezed around the belly of the horse then stuck her foot through my hole and straddled me. Then I started getting thrown around like crazy with the crazy lady on top of me started to choke me. All the sudden the choking stopped and what seemed like a roller coaster ride ended.

Female Friend horse: I was hoping to get to spend all day with him but then some other girl got to ride him. I don’t even know if I want to be in the same pen as him anymore, but then again he was kicking her just to make him go faster. Maybe I can forgive him since he bucked her off.

Bob the Bird: I was sharing the horses grain with him early that morning when the human came out, tied him down, and strapped a saddle to him. That poor guy, being made to do what others want him to do. I don’t know what I would do if anyone ever tried to do that to me. I like being able to fly around all free. Standing there watching there wasn’t anything I could try and do to help, but I am just a lowly bird. After thinking for a little bit, I flew over him and the human lady on top of him and aim for my poop to land on her, but a slight breeze came and blew it right past him. Turning around going back for a second shot, but I missed again and I can’t poop again for a while I have used up all of my supplies.

Beetle: I was walking around trying to find food then I get trampled by horse hooves. Not my day!

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