zombie outbreak

December 14, 2011
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It was a normal day in Elmwood Park. It’s a town in the middle of nowhere. I got up to get ready to go to work. Before I left I saw on the news that five people have been infected by a virus and have turned into zombies but are in quarantine. At work everybody was talking about the zombies but other then that it was a normal boring day. After work I went home and went to sleep like any other day. It was when I woke up the next day and watched the news that I knew something was wrong. It turned out that the zombies that were in quarantine have broken loose and have started infecting the town. The government also put up fences around the town limits so nobody could get in or out. Officials said they would be making evacuations but in twenty four hours they would blow up the town.

I started to panic but I packed my bags and headed for the mall.
“EVERYBODY QUIET!” said the police officer. There are over a hundred people outside the mall. The policeman said there is not enough food for everybody to stay in the mall until we get rescued.
“LOOK OVER THERE!” Somebody yelled. Over fifty zombies are running towards us. Suddenly everybody tries to rush into the mall at once. I was lucky that I was in front and got in safely. The zombies got at least forty people.
“Well this is just great, we have no weapons and at any minute all those zombies are going to be rushing through those doors to kill us.” Suddenly we hear glass break and the zombies all come rushing through the doors. Everybody runs throughout the mall. I head for the roof with five others. When we get to the roof we know for sure that the zombies got at least another forty to fifty people and that there is only about 10 of us left to survive twenty more hours. On the roof there is a care package that contained enough food to last us and weapons to hold off any zombies. We hand out guns to the others and introduce ourselves. The others names were Jim, Sonya, Zach, and Jordan. We talked for a couple of hours then four of us went to sleep while one watches the door. Suddenly there was a pounding on the door and we all jumped up and were ready but seconds later the zombies break through. We all start shooting but there was too many of them. Right away Jordan and Sonya die. By the time we killed them all Jim had died so it was up to me and Zach to survive. We only had three more hours till the town would be bombed by the army. We barricaded the door so no zombies could get in. About thirty minutes before the bombing was set to take place a rescue helicopter came and rescued us. We made it out of the town just in time before the bombs went off.
We were taken to a safe haven where other survivors were taken to. Out of the two thousand people in the town only about five hundred people were rescued. After the bombs were dropped most of the town was destroyed. Almost all the zombies were killed but those who survived were put into quarantine and studied until scientists found out what caused this to happen. Most of the human survivors either helped to rebuild the town or moved far away. They never did find out what caused the virus.

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