The girl

December 11, 2011
By , Brooklyn, NY
Shes kind of a loner. Shes beautiful though. I guess you can say I have a crush on her. I can't tell anyone, not even my best friends. That would be social suicide. She is that beautiful girl that no one bothers to notice. Shes my secret.
Sophia Woods is her name. She has the face of an angel. Perfectly curved lips, smooth skin, and pearly white teeth. She listened to that weird rock music with lead singers who only scream the words like they don't really want people to understand them. She only wears black and always smells like tropical fruit.
My name is Sebastian Lopez. I'm kind of a hottie. Girls line up to be with me. I don't care about those girls. Sophia, without even trying, stole my heart.
It was about three weeks ago in art class. I came in sort of late and someone already was in my normal seat. There was only one empty seat left, next to Sophia.
"Hi" i said hoping to get her to smile at me. She didn't. She just looked down, which kind of got me upset.
"Did you hear me?" I asked in my annoyed tone.
Still no answer.
"Take your seats class has started" Mr. C, the art teacher, announced. "We're working in partners today on a project about capturing people's special features while sketching them. Art pads and pencils and in the corner, you may only work with the person next to you, and good luck. Rules are on the board."
Great. I'm stuck with the most boring person in the whole 10th grade as an art partner.

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