The Sky is the Limit

December 4, 2011
By , Cheektowaga, NY
Get up on time for school; go hard; study hard; fight hard; never give up; stop beating up your sister; set goals for yourself; work as hard as you can to achieve those goals, so you don’t end up like me; don’t give an ignorant person your time; try new things; only use bleach on white clothes; don’t dry your bras; study for your test tomorrow so you don’t fail and end up like me; “Yeah right, because I’d ever let myself be anything like you.” Choose only gentlemen to date; when push comes to shove-push-hard; do what you have to do to make ends meet; family first; stick up for your little brother; do what is asked of you without asking questions; smile at people that hate you- it pisses them off; jealousy is hideous; don’t be afraid to get down and dirty; don’t get caught hanging around the wrong crowd; watch your mouth, you’re a lady- not a trucker; stay away from drugs, they put stress on your body; don’t ever throw the first punch; this is how you peel potatoes; this is how you make popcorn; this is how to feed the dog; don’t experiment with drugs- you might become addicted and end up just like me; “I would never let myself become what I watched you make of yourself.” Wait to have kids; wait to have sex; always use two packets of hot chocolate or it will taste watery; you will never use anything you learn in school-suck it up and learn it anyway; take care of your things; be civil with everyone- wither you like them or not; if you lie you get in more trouble; this is how to wrap a gift; this is how to pitch a softball; make friends with boys- girls have more drama; if you’re afraid to bring him home you shouldn’t be with him; start turning the wheel before you hit the gas; if you have any questions about what you’re learning, ask them so you understand the material, pass and don’t end up like me; brush your teeth after every meal; just say no; trust no one; don’t become a teacher- they don’t make enough money; “But mom I want to be a teacher.” You’re preparing yourself for your whole life now, so take it seriously; display yourself like a lady; don’t talk to me like that; don’t wear makeup- you look better without it; do good in school so you can take care of yourself and don’t have to rely on other people- like me; this is how to do the dishes; this is how to change a flat; this is how to fix a leaky faucet; dress warm; you need to do good in school so you can leave here- there’s no opportunities here; it’s the thought that counts; better start thinking of what college you want to go to now, “I was thinking I wanted to take a year off to figure everything out.” So you mean to tell me after everything I taught you you’re still going to slack off and end up just like me?

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