Before the Fight Begins

December 7, 2011
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France, a country of beauty and grace, as time has showed over and over again. Even with plague and famine and civil unrest, France rose from its ashes rebuilding itself to a higher stander of beauty. Well the year is 2835; the world has gone through Armageddon only three years ago. Though the land was destroyed, and it was barely able to sustain some sort of life, humans were not completely eradicated. And those who survived began to rebuild, France among other large European countries, and American had healed to some degree. But they are no longer at the height of technology as they once were. Reverting back to what they once were, where little democracy exists and monarchs reign supreme. One in particular was the French monarchy, which once again risen from the darkness of despair and up to a new light. The new royal family is La Belle Vie, which is now into its fourth generation of Kings and Queens. The current royal family consisted of King François La Belle Vie, Queen Michelle La Belle Vie and their three children. Dasia, Yvonne, and Alphonse the youngest and crown prince to the thrown are the only children. Our faithful tail is about the middle child Yvonne, the apple of her father's eye, the gift that had to be protected. This is her tale of freedom, and her first glimpse of seeing life as it truly is.

It was an early morning in Versailles city of glamour and beauty, which surpasses all others. The castle, the home of the royal family sits deep in the heart of the land, showing its beauty in the early morning light. Deep in the castle, down countless halls a large marble door was closed and locked tight. A young Yvonne sat quietly on the bed, looking out her glass balcony door at the horizon as the sun rose. She enjoyed watching the sun rise; it was a marvelous sight that aroused emotions in her that she could never express to her father to anyone for that matter. Her longing for freedom, oh yes of course she was free she was the princess after all. Yvonne was a royal and they had all the freedoms, yet none at all. But she was the captive in her own lavish home, her life is a schedule.
Everything was done at a certain time, never missing a beat and it would be greatly unbecoming of her to question her routine life. Yvonne understood that as a princess she had certain expectations to live up to, but they had Dasia the oldest of the three. So why could she not do all this, why was it that Yvonne was forced to attend lessons while Dasia went shopping. It just wasn't fair, but she couldn't blame anyone else but herself for this. She never stood up for herself and just did as she was told. She did not speak a word of protest, to her teachers, parents, or maids who helped dress her. Yvonne was a pushover sadly to say, and as much as she would like to change that she wasn't sure how. Looking back around her room, she quickly rose from her silk linen canopy bed looking over the room once more. Not sure why she had gotten up in the first place, slowly Yvonne walked over to her balcony. Pushing the door open, Yvonne walked out onto the balcony. There was a light calming breeze, her medium length satin sky blue dress swayed in the wind. Yvonne walked to the ledge, gripping the marble side gently, her mind racing like an active bumble bee. Looking to the ground below, Yvonne began to wonder was what keeping her in the castle. Yes, she had lessons but no one ever said she couldn't go out. So what was keeping her? Her fear of disappointing her parents was great, such high expectations they had for her, and Yvonne was too afraid to let them down. But no more she was going to go out, and do what she would like to do. Though how? She looked about the balcony quickly finding a tightly woven vine. Strolling over to it in a swift pace, Yvonne wasn't sure if she wanted to go down that vine but it seemed to be the only way.

“Come on Yvonne, you can leave we don't have to be stuck here forever, you can do this you are strong...” Her voice was barely audible as she gave herself a little pep talk.

Heaving out a large sigh through her nose, mustering up all the courage she could as she gripped the thick vines lifting her body off of the ledge. Smiling gently, Yvonne slowly and quietly began to climb down the large pillar. It seemed like forever till she reached the ground, but once her feet did the young woman wasn't all too sure how to handle the new sensations. It was a sense of great freedom, and well new thrill for life that’s she has never felt before. A bright smile sprawled across her face, as she ran up to the castle walls running her fingers against the smooth surface. The first step was completed; she had made it out of her bedroom now how to escape the castle. Looking about the wall, there had to be some sort of weaknesses, nothing was completely secure. That the wall is at least four hundred years old and wouldn’t be as perfect as it once was. Continuing her search, pressing her hand harder into the wall hoping to somewhat press a weak point in the wall.
“Goodness, you would think this wall would have holes in it.” She huffed, only to quickly regret her words.

Yvonne let out a high pitched scream, as her arm tumbled into a gaping hole which was hidden from view. Pulling herself up, Yvonne gripped her arm lightly before going pushing the vines apart. This was her way out, a wonderful, easy, gift from the man upstairs way out. A large smile graced her face as she dusted herself off and began to climb into the whole. A bright light shined into her eyes, such warmth emitted from it that all she could do was breath. Breathe in a breath of complete happiness. Finally, she was free.....

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