Perfect Flawz Part 1

December 7, 2011
Casey felt the pain start in her finger tips to travel like a coursing fire through out her entire body. The fire reached her temple and she felt her world explode in a shower of sparks. She felt her fangs beginning to elongate and immediately bit down on her bottom lip drawing blood where her fangs and skin met.

“Push it up on more level,” the doctor’s voice rang through her fog of pain and she caught her breath as greater jolt of pain shot through her. So, this is what her species got for hunting down the human race, she found herself wondering briefly before the pain once again wiped her mind of anything but it. Her breath started coming faster as the pain worsened. Nothing existed beyond the pain, beyond this room, beyond them.

Some where in the distance, beyond the fog of pain she was drowning in, somebody dropped a glass. She heard it shatter and heard the scream that accompanied it. It’s just a broken glass, the thought came unbidden through what remained of her sane mind. Hands were on her now, she could feel them as they fumbled with the straps of the table she was on. Where they done already? A vicious curse shot through the air and then the straps snapped. The hands lifted her off the table, soft hands, and gentle hands. Not the hands of the doctor. She cracked her eyes open and saw fire around her, licking up the bodies of those unlucky not to make it out in time. Her eyes traveled up to the face of the one holding her and she felt her heart clench in fear and pain.

“Lyte,” the name whispered across her lips and she wished with all her life she could take it back. The man looked down at her as her words reached his ears. His eyes, blue as the sky above them when they exited the building. He lifted his gaze from her and kept walking not acknowledging her only spoken word. Casey shook her head, trying to clear away what was left of the fog. This couldn’t be Lyte. He was dead, the doctors had told her so. He had died trying to protect Dark, his brother. Uetsi, was he safe? Did he get away? Casey shivered against the cold even as dark clouds begin to cover her vision. She felt her eyes slowly drift close as consciousness slowly left her. Lyte was dead, but somehow he was here. Dreaming. Dreaming or dead, she thought before she lost herself in the black abyss of sleep and nightmares.

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