Duty of Dogs

December 6, 2011
By MARZHUNTERESS SILVER, Manteca, California
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Part 1

Chapter 1

Amber walked into the puppy nursery and looked at her grandpups. She turned around at the sound of her daughter Ember coming back inside from the Emma letting her out. Ember stopped in surprise as she saw her mother and laid her ears flat against her head. “What are you doing here?” She growled softly. Amber sat and shrugged, looking at her daughter with calm glowing brown amber eyes. “Have you told them?” She asked. Ember growled, “No, Mother, I haven’t, they still have time, they’re only six weeks. Amber’s eyes flashed. “Ember you should’ve told them as soon as their ears unfolded from their heads and opened their eyes!” She snapped. Amber and Ember’s eyes were locked in a glare. “Mother, I have my reasons and I’ll see to what I see fit. Amber growled and looked towards the pups. “You better, before time runs out, you know what happens if you don’t tell them.” She growled and with that pushed her daughter out of the way and disappeared out of the home of Emma. Ember looked around uneasily and sighed. She walked over to her pups and nuzzled them lovingly and laid down into the whelping box and fell asleep, curled around them.

Emma thought she heard growling but didn’t really think anything of it until she saw a flash of brown and black fur out of the corner of her eye. She narrowed them and stood up and walked over to the designated room for the puppy nursery. She peeked in and saw Ember and her 5 pups and sighed. Just my imagination I guess. She thought to herself and closed the door slightly. She turned out the lights in the house and went to bed.

Amber watched the house of Emma and Ember for a little while and growled, pawing the ground. She blinked her brown wise eyes and vanished.

Chapter 2

Ember woke with a start as her dream roared to life. Her ears were ringing and she was panting hard. She looked around the warm room, blinking her eyes. She looked at her pups and nuzzled them gently and sighed a sigh of relief. Amanda was the first to wake, her wide beautiful warm red amber eyes looking up at her mother. “Mommy, are you alright?” She asked in a yippy voice. Ember licked her face and nodded. “Yeah I’m fine, just a dream. How’d you sleep, my little one?” Amanda shrugged with her white fur. “Alright, it got hot though.” Ember nodded. “I know. It’s our thick fur.” Amanda nodded in understanding and in agreement, “Yeah….” She said and rolled over on her back with her belly up and closed her eyes, panting slightly. “I saw someone come in yesterday. She said she was your mother, meaning she was our grandmother. That means she was Amber, am I right?” She asked softly, looking uninterested. Ember narrowed her eyes and looked at her daughter. “Yes, your right, but you shouldn’t have spoken to her.” She growled. “I thought I taught you five to not talk to strangers?” She growled again. Amanda rolled over and looked at her mother. “Mom, yes, you have told us that but she said she was no threat and I could tell. Anyways no one else saw nor spoke to her.” She barked softly, a little annoyed with her mother. “Grandma also said that you have something to tell us and that I am to remind you.” She growled back at her mother. Ember’s eyes flickered in surprise and a flash of anger shimmered in her them for a minute. “Your grandma is right but she had no place in tecallinghat.” She growled again, barring her teeth. “I’m going to wake Emma, you and your littermates stay here and I’ll be back after I eat and all.” She growled and left the room. Amanda stared after her mother and shrugged, yawning and showing her tiny sharp dagger like teeth.

Ember scowled all the way to Emma’s room where she licked her hand and nudged her with her wet nose. Emma woke up laughing and hugged Ember as she jumped on the bed. “Morning Ember.” Emma said. Ember went “Woof!” As in her reply for morning. “So are your little German Shepherd pups all ready to have an adventure for going outside today?” She asked cheerfully. Ember looked at her owner and blinked her dark brown honey amber eyes in acknowledgement to her. Emma chuckled and hugged her again. “Okay then let’s get you fed and give you your break you big muddy looking dog.” Emma got up and put her blue robe on.

Chapter 3

Tyrone jumped out of the whelping box as his mother left the room to eat and wake Emma. “PARTY!!!!! PARTY!!!! PARTY!!!!!!!!!” He barked, waking the other’s up other than Amanda who always seemed to be awake. He jumped on top of Duke who growled, rolling over and batted him away. Amanda chuckled as she watched her brother be a moron and rolled her deep warm red amber eyes. Duke got up slowly, stretching and growling, then let out a loud yawn yip sound. Tyrone laughed and tackled their other brother Jack Jack. Jack Jack ignored Tyrone and kept on sleeping. Amanda padded over to her sister, Fay, and nudged her. “Hey sleepy head you better get up before party pup comes and jumps on you. Fay yawned and opened her eyes in slits, her dark brown eyes flickering in annoyance and she jumped all of the sudden as Tyrone landed where she had been a second ago. “No fair!” He barked. Fay stood up and shrugged. “Sorry, not my fault your slow and to obvious.” She smiled a doggy grin and shook out her thick long black and russet brown fur and rolled her shoulders. Jack Jack finally sat up, still snoring as he did. “Tyrone you’re a moron. Stop waking me up all the time.” He growled and looked around at the others, his short and thin more russet brown than black fur all raggedy. Tyrone deviously grinned at Jack Jack. “You’re such a grump at times and none of you are fun nor wild.” He barked indignantly. Duke laughed and pawed at Tyrone’s thick short black pelt. “Dude, that’s who we are and who you are. We’re not crazy like you. That’s why you’re going to make a great police dog, risky, daring, smart, funny, and a whole bunch of other things, while the rest of us have our own destiny.” He smiled and nudged him affectionately. Tyrone looked at Duke with his dark red amber eyes and nudged him back and tackled him playfully and the other three then joined in, all yipping, growling and laughing.

Ember walked outsidead looked around the yard. She sniffed around and growled softly as she smelled her mother’s very faint scent. She looked around and went back in to eat, she chuckled as she heard her pups yipping and scuffling around. She looked up at Emma as she walked around the kitchen getting breakfast for the both of them and a little bit of kibble for her pups. She sat down and watched, her gaze flickering only ever so slightly. She yawned a high pitched yawn and barked happily as Emma put down her bowl of food and she ate it hungrily. Emma smiled and stroked Ember’s back as she ate. “Good girl.” She laughed. Ember walked back to the nursery with Emma. She opened the door and Ember jumped into the room and tackled Duke. The pups squealed in laughter. “Hi mommy!” They all said in unison. Ember licked them and Emma bent down to pet the wily puppies. “Okay who wants to go outside?” She asked. The pups looked at their mother with wide eyes. “We get to go outside!!!” They all jumped to their feet and looked at their mother in excitement. Ember nodded. “Yes but you must behave.” She growled softly. Emma stood up and called to Ember and the pups. “Come on time to go out!” Ember followed with the pups trailing at her paws. Amanda looked at her mother. “Mom! You have to tell us what grandma said you would tell!” She growled demandingly. Ember sighed. “I was hoping you would have forgotten about that now…” She lead the way outsidead the other four pups raced out into the yard, hopping around. Ember laid down in the cool grass. “Okay I’ll tell you after you and your siblings play for a while.” Amanda growled with impatience. “Fineee…” Ember smiled slightly and nudged her to go play. “Have fun.” Amanda took off as they all yipped, barked, and ran around wrestling and tussling. Ember watched with an amused smile on her face.

“Time to come in!!!” Emma called as she opened the back door. Ember stood up, stretched and walked slowly back into the house, regretting to tell them what every dog needed to know but what most dogs have forgotten and have been deprived of. The pups tiredly circled around the whelping box and lay down. Ember curled around them, washing them. “MOM YOU HAVE TO TELL US NOW!!!!” demanded Amanda, glaring at her mother. Ember growled at Amanda. “Amanda shushes! Don’t demand me.” She looked at the others as they perked their ears. “What do you have to tell us?” asked Tyrone, his eyes shining with curiosity. “Yeah? What? “Asked Duke and Jack Jack together in unison. Fay blinked her eyes but stayed silent. Ember sighed again. “Okay settle down, I have something to tell you all. Something important that not many dogs know, we’re some of the lucky ones to remember, it’s good to know but it can come at a price…” The pups were silent with wonder and fear striking them. What was it? They all thought without speaking. Ember looked at them all seriously and closed her eyes as to remember….

To Be Continued

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