Infection RAVE-EX

December 6, 2011
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I have seen the damage that this has done in my life, in my city, and in my generation. More horrid than a natural disaster, this has become the worst disease, an epidemic among the youth. I have yet to find a cure for the virus that has infected my people. However, diligently, I worship the Gods in hopes that they may strike upon this infection their most impacting bludgeon. I have seen this illness shape shift and take several forms, I have seen it persecute, contaminate and possess the bodies of the living, the youth, those of which used to be my people.

We lived in a peaceful community and there had indeed been several deaths, however none like the multitude of deaths that have occurred since the virus has migrated in the district. This is the strangest of infections, it seems to be targeting the adolescence and once they have been infected they begin to accumulate holes in their brains, next they begin to intake this poison packed liquid. The substance destroys their lungs, soon they begin to forget. They disregard and over look everything, their names, family, friends, but most of all their purpose for living.

I have seen this illness strike right before my eyes. I have seen this infection steal the one I loved. He was infected. He tried to fight back, however it was too late, the infection had spread and he had begun to lose his mind. He would express the hallucination that he was trapped in a false world, he said all this was not real. He believed the only way to escape this world and return to the real one was death. He finally went completely mad and hung himself from his bedroom ceiling using a telephone cord.

This infection is growing at a very speedy rate. There are only a few of us who have not been contaminated yet. We travel in small packs; by no means do we stay out overnight wondering the streets, our most protective gear are the plugs XR, they are to be worn at all times. They go inside our ears; the plugs XR protect us through the main entry way of the disease. We must be aware that our plugs are tightly secured at all periods.

This has become a very sad and devastating place. There seems to be no hope for those infected. Persons tainted have discontinued seeking help. Please, if anyone is reading this, we have taken cover. There are only a limited number of us who have not been infected with the RAVE-EX infection. We continue to hope and pray for a better tomorrow, we continue to wait for help. However, the infection continues to cultivate in their brains and soon I fear this generation, my people will cease to exist.

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