Sincerly, Me

December 6, 2011
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Dear Whomever is reading this,

Well, it's as simple as this: I've been played a fool too many times, there's a rock in my chest where my heart should be, and I always ask why because it always seems so soon. I should be use to it by now, but my heart always plays truth or dare and then like toy soldiers, they trample across my broken heart. For always, forever I'll use music as my sweet escape from reality at its worst. Someday, somehow my heart will mend itself but there's never enough time before charm makes my walls break down. My heart can't tell my mind when to stop and it always suffers in the end. Just rip my heart out and watch me fall apart. I'm remembering sunday and how you seemed to vanish into thin air. But I'll always keep you a short daydream away, where I can watch from a safe place and not get hurt or feel the pain of what once was. The nightmares will haunt me of what tore us apart and I can't stop thinking of you and I. And between us, maybe it was for the best, but I don't see any good that came of this. Everything finally just seemed so right and I felt like I had something going right. I was just dead wrong I guess. And when desperate times call for desperate measures, This might turn out to be drastic but I'm gonna hold out on this a little longer until the monitor on my dying, broken heart has filled the space with the confirmation of it being totally over between us. So until then, I'll just keep holding onto that small thread of hope that remains.

A broken-hearted teen.

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