Teenage Dreams

December 12, 2011
By Kaitlin Fear BRONZE, West Lakeland, Minnesota
Kaitlin Fear BRONZE, West Lakeland, Minnesota
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I wake up in a strange room that I swear I’ve never seen before. I was confused and petrified I didn’t know where I was; I took a deep breath...I wished that I had never done that. The room reeked of vomit and alcohol. I was gasping for air, trying not to throw up. I got up and ran outside to get some fresh air. It was warm and sunny; I could also see a beach from the balcony I was standing on, along with two passed out, naked, college guys. Then I remembered...I was in Florida for spring break. After I had figured out where I was, I had calmed down a bit and I was able to breath again. I started to feel uncomfortable standing next to the naked guys, so I walked back inside.

I looked around the room and all I could see around me were bottles of beer and red cups covering every inch of the floor. How does an 18 year-old girl like me, end up in some strange hotel room, and not remember a thing from the night before? Then I noticed a familiar face; it was my crazy best friend who always ends up in trouble...That’s how I ended up here. I walked over to her. She was passed out on the floor, spooning a teddy bear. I wake her up, and the first thing I noticed was the horrid stench of whiskey. The smell circled my nose, burning the inside of my nostrils. It was so strong, that it smelled worse than the room itself.

I continued to walk around, seeing more sleeping college students sprawled out all over the room. I thought that I should probably start cleaning up the place and try to get rid of the rancid, acid, smell of vomit. As I started picking up cups and bottles of liquor I noticed that everywhere I walked, the floor was wet. The carpet was soaked with liquor and vomit and as I walked I could hear the carpet being squished underneath me (I was lucky that I woke up with shoes on). I had no idea how I was going to clean the carpet and get rid of the stench; there was no way just spraying Febreeze would work.

I was getting peeved. I felt my face turning red and my heart beating faster. Why am I the only one cleaning? I clearly wasn’t the only person here. I turned on the stereo to wake everybody up because there was no way in h*ll I was going to clean the place up by myself. It was a successful idea because I woke up about thirty, angry, hungover people.
That failed; nobody wanted to cooperate. I had to start bribing them with Taco Bell and other hangover food for them to get cleaning. It worked.

Everybody was cleaning. The cups and bottles were all thrown away, someone found a vacuum and started vacuuming and cleaning the carpet, naked people were clothed again, and I was following behind the carpet cleaners spraying Febreeze.

I could finally breathe again without gagging and almost throwing up each time I inhaled. The place looked fantastic and I couldn’t believe that all of these hungover people could actually get the job done. Well I guess if you bribe them with Taco Bell, they will do anything you ask them to do.

After the room was cleaned up and everything was put back in its place, we started heading out the door to go to Taco Bell. Then all of a sudden a loud noise that sounded something like a bomb went off startled all of us. Then I woke up.

I woke up in my own room with a huge headache and the taste of whiskey on my tongue. I couldn’t believe the dream I just had wasn’t real. It felt so real and the smells seemed real. Looks like I was the hungover one dreaming that I wouldn’t be hungover.

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