Simple Life

December 12, 2011
The green, rolling hills fill up the wingspan of the horizon. Covered with golden light in the emerging sunrise, the hills seem to speak out. They call, welcome, attract like a strange, pleasant, almost magnetic pull. The soft grass moves like a sea in the cool breeze. A clear, glittering lake shines its ace in all directions. The peace, serenity, openness and undistorted purity of the land in all its wonders is almost unbearable.

A girl peers out from the lake shore, looking up at the horizon. She is captivated by its wondrously simple beauty. The landscape seems to smile back, appreciating the young girl’s similarity. The parallelism and perfection of the whole world as she knows it overwhelms the girl.

She has grown up here, in the green, rolling hills. Of course, she only remembers this scenery nothing and no one else. She fills her time with simple things, to match her purely simple life. Nothing is in the way of pure, simple living. That is, nothing except her thoughts. The girl thinks and thinks and thinks. Since nothing is in the way, the power of her thoughts and wishes grows. Her thoughts are powerful. She has thought about her simple life in her own little world and knows it is not all there is. She looks for a way out; she walks, she runs. She searches and searches for the way out of her own world and into the world of others. Walking, running, searching. All her life has remained this way, shut. Somehow she knows there is more.
There are others. Somehow they are happy with their live, shut, like her own. She still pursues her search. She runs until she can run no longer. She walks until she is exhausted. She is crawling, crawling. She longs, longs for a way out. She knows it is near the sun, the sun that is just above the horizon. She looks to the sun, longing to understand. She knows the light will tell her something, even everything. But something, even everything, is holding her back. A dark, black empty fear is seated deep within her. The girl is afraid; afraid of the life unknown. What if it is not what she expects? What if the world is different than what all her hopes hope?

She is desperate, torn between the light and its promises and the deep, dark fear. Uncertainty. Pain. The girl remains. The girl, the world she knows, the world she wants, and her fears. She is so strongly pulled in both directions that she stays in the same place: where she is; where she is certain.

Until the girl realizes… The girl realizes why she is here. She knows she is here for a reason, a reason far beyond herself. She knows she can’t give up. She keeps pushing onward, running toward the light. The sun shines too brightly for nothing. She runs and runs. She runs. She can’t stop. As she gets closer to the sun and its beautiful light, she gets stronger. Her thoughts, her abilities, her courage; everything gets stronger. And she finally reaches the light.

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