The Unnatural Possiblility

December 2, 2011
By TheOneThatWantsToShare GOLD, Bayboro, North Carolina
TheOneThatWantsToShare GOLD, Bayboro, North Carolina
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Even when I dont know who I am there is always someone out there that does

Twirling her pencil in her hands, lost in the trance of yellow spinning around on her desk. She never noticed the teacher calling her name. A tap on her shoulder. She looked up amazed. “Yes?” she asked. Her English teacher Mrs. Burman replied in her usual stern voice. “Miss Jones would you like to have detention or will you turn you book to page 645 and do the assignment that goes along with the story?” She quickly pulled out her book and sunk down into her chair embarrassed by all the staring eyes. “I'll do the work Mrs. Burman sorry.” While thinking in her head how she really should pay attention more she began to read her assignment trying to hurry before class was over.

After class while walking to her locker she bumped into Kara Manson, her worst enemy. She just loved to make everyone squirm in their shoes, because she thought she was better than anyone in school. She's the rich, popular, snobby kind of girl,a and who was her worse enemy? As aalwaysMandy Leeman, and she was just the one that bumped into her. First English now this she thought in her head. In Kara's usually snobby high-pitched voice was a big snort and then she said “Watch what your going mutt.” Kara flipped her bleach blonde hair and walked her way into her forth period class acting like she owned the school. Well, since her dad owned the school she kinda did.

Mandy and Kara used to be best friends but after Mandy's parents death things got really hard and she became depressed, stopped talking to her friends for half a year, and after that no one just didn't want to talk to her. They clammed she 'changed', but no one really knew how much she really changed. She was the only one in the car with her parents the day of their death that actually survived. She wasn't supposed to live though, It was a sure death. Mandy as aalwaysdidn't aalwaysthink of her consequences so she didn't think about putting her seat belt on that day. When the big van pulled out in the wrong spot, because her parents were in their blind spot, all she heard was the big crash and then being lifted up into the air and going to the windshield.

Pain went through her body even remembering it, but after it started it wouldn't stop till she finished it. She went through the van window too and was found laying on two dead bodies after the police came. They claimed she was dead, They were certain. But on the way to the morgue she woke up, she was in the news headlines saying “MIRACLE” “ITS A BLESSING FROM GOD” What really should have been in those headlines that no one knew about except for her was, “DEADLY ACCIDENT LEAVES A GIRL WITH UNIMAGINABLE ABILITIES” Not the kind you would think. Mind reading? No thank God. Ability to see the future? Nope. Then what? What could happen out of a bad accident like that?

The one thing no one would ever suspect. Even she didn't know what it was for months. She had to learn the hard way. She developed the ability to Morphed into something or someone, and she could also use Memory Manipulation. She can read or erase the memories of any person, but there are flaws into everything that comes into her life of course. Mandy doesn't want these abilities. At first she thought they were cool, but when she morphed into her mom by accident and when she took the memory of her brother by accident after their parents funeral and it stuck with her. Mandy now has to experience the funeral in her brother point of view and hers. Let's just say it kinda doesn't go away after you take it from someone else. It was pure torture, but it's her new life.

Finally realizing she was day dreaming she got her things from her locker and headed to her last class of the day, World History. All juniors were required to take it, but she failed it her junior year so has to take it her senior year. Which makes it even more awkward sitting with a bunch of juniors. There was a couple of seniors in there, but it's not like she ever talked to them anyway. When she went to sit down in her seat she realized that it was taken. She would have gotten mad, but she realized that he was new. He looked up once she sat down in the empty seat across from him. “I know who you are.” That was maybe the randomest things she's ever heard, but it scared her nonetheless. What did he know? About the accident or her “abilities”. She was terrified! What did he know?? She didn't him! She just got the word who out when class began to start so he turned his attention back to the front of class, and she just keep staring wondering what it was he knew about her. He turned around and smiled with a knowing look on his face. Embarrassed she looked down and let her hair fall over her face. Trying to figure this guy out she spent the rest of the period thinking of the possibilities of what would happen if this guy knew what she hoped he didn't know.

The author's comments:
This is just a roungh draft, and I am still writing. I hope this is one story I can actually accomplish!

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