Random argument 3

December 10, 2011
Artemis Fowl- did you know wizards don’t exist?

Hermione- Artemis frog…

Angel- Oh no! Not this again!

Artemis- huh?

Iggy- great more new people,

Holly Short- what do you mean by more?

Iggy- you remember the last argument with Vader and Alex and them?

Holly- no I wasn’t here

Spider-man- *swings in from window* you know there’s a nice little tea party going on outside your window
Harry Potter- yeah, we know

Tohru Honda- my mom died

Maximum Ride- Who are you?

*everyone turns to Tohru*

Tohru- I’m from fruits basket

Everyone- oh

Kyo Sohma- Tohru, I love you

Everyone- awww

Minerva Paradizo- you are so… cute! *she then hugs Kyo*

Yuki Sohma- uh-oh

*POOF! Kyo turns into a cat*

Kyo cat- AW CRAP!

Ranma (from Ranma ½) – DUDE! Did you fall in the springs at jusinkyo also?

Max- Oh shut it, *Then pours water on Ranma who turns into a girl*

Pikachu- pika, pika, pika CHUU! *Pikachu shocks Fang with thunder bolt*

Fang- ARRGH! *he then turns to Pikachu* Pikachu you are going down! Fangichu powers go!

Max- *stares open mouthed at Fang* WTH!

Fang- Fangichu use thunderbolt! *Fang then does a weird dance then a thunderbolt comes out of nowhere and shocks Pikachu, Fang and Pikachu go battle in a corner*

Everyone- okaaaay

Santa Claus- Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

Max- you’re 24 days early old man!

Santa- *muttering* I know someone that’s not going to be on the nice list

Angel- *uses mind control* but its Christmas and we’re all on the nice list, you were going to give us our presents

Santa- kid that doesn’t work on me, I’m here to join the tea party!

Spider-man- In that case I’d like to wish you a merry Christmas

Everyone- Merry Christmas and have a great new year!

Me- that’s my way of signing off, have a great holiday and expect more randomness after the New Year

*turns around to see Peter Parker walk in, turns around to see spider-man tale off his mask he’s Peter Parker also*

Me- *shouts at sky* WTH! This doesn’t even make any sense!

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