Random argument 2

December 10, 2011
A/N I don't own any of the following charecters

Iggy: hey why wasn't I in the last argument

Max:Because you're blind

Iggy: what does that have to do with anything?

Angel:Everything Iggy it has to do with everything

Iggy: Ahhhhh! When did you get here? How many other people are there?

Angel: when we all got here all 19 of us.

Iggy: WTH!

Alex Rider: what's up

Nudge: who are you?

Alex Rider: *rolling on the ground coming up with fake gun* The names Rider, Alex Rider

Angel: he's a spy for MI6

Alex: WTH! How do you know!
Jake(from animorphs): *pops out from behind curtain* Ah ha ha ha! I'm going to steal your DNA again!

Rainbow Dash: Oh no you didn't! *she then drop kicks him out a window*

Mr. Picklepuss(my kitty): I thought you were all for peace

Rainbow Dash: Only on camera

Darth Vader: Alex, I am your father

Luke Skywalker: you're abandoning me? *starts sniffing and walks to courner*

Vader: Luke wait I didn't mean it like that can you forgive me

Luke: Of corse father

Everybody: awwwww

*luke and Vader jump out window*

random disenbodied movie voice: Please come back after this break


Harry Potter: What break?

Hermione: Is it a coffee break?

Voldemort: I sure hope so

Ron: Ahhh! it's Moldywart

Voldemort: What did you call me?

Angel: He called you moldywart

Voldemort: AVADA-

Rainbow Dash: Oh no you don't *drop kicks him out window*

Percy Jackson: Hey y'all

Annabeth:Oh no he's going hick!

Nico: I like death

Fang: Me too

Nico:You're awesome

Fang: I know. Did you know in anchient greek the god of death was feared but in rome he became more powerful and took hold of all the riches under the earth.

Everybody:*stares at Fang*

Fang: What?

Nudge: That was over 30 words! that's more then you said all last year.

Fang: *smiles proudly*

Gazzy: *sighs and gives Fang 20 bucks*

Max: you bribed him into doing that?!

Gazzy: *smiles sheepishly then jumps out widndow*

Hades: What are they doing out there?

Everybody: *looks out window*

Voldemort: Please pass the imaginary tea

Luke: Sure

Jake:I would like some imagenary sugar

Vader: Of corse

Max: they're having a tea party!?

Fang: *walks over and sits down* Please pass a teacup

Ron: *sits down next to fang and passes him an imagenary teacup*

Max: Why not?

everybody else sits down and has tea with them also

Me: I agree with Max why not?

Angel: Who the heck are you?

Me: I'm the author

Angel: no you're not I'm right here

Me: No You're in my mind

Fang:No we're not

Me: I'm delussional so I say you are

Max: touche


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