Random Arguments

December 10, 2011
Ron Weasly: Poof you're a frog!

Maximum Ride: You know you're not a wizard.

Harry Potter: You might want to reconsider that statement.

Angel:*Get's big eyed*Max you really should

Max: Sure

Hermione: Maximum Frogicus *POOF*

Max: Ribbit

Fang:You've got to teach me that trick

Percy Jackson:Ahhh It's alive!

Annabeth:Oh ha ha be nice Percy

Percy:NEVER!!!!*Jumps out window*


Jake Berenson(From animorphs):I'm going to steal your DNA!! *touches Fang*

Fang: *Randomly drop kicks Jake*
Jake: >.<


Hermione: I should turn her back

*everyone nods*

Hermione: But I won't Ah hahaha!

Peter Pan: I can fly!

Nudge: Big whoops, so can we! *shoots out wings*

Peter: Ah I'm losing my mind!*Joins Percy by jumping out the window*

*everyone stares at Nudge*

Nudge: So we can. Can't we Fang?

Fang: *whistels inconspicuasly*

Percy: *popping head up from outside window* So I'm a demigod

Jake: I'm a animorph
Spongebob: I'm a sponge

Harry: I'm a wizard

*everyone stares at Harry*

Max:*Back from being frog* Don't be stupid wizards don't excist

Hermione: *sighs* Maximum Frogicus *POOF*


Nudge:Why is there two Fangs?


*turns around to see two Fangs*

Fang 1: WTH!

Fang 2: WTH!

Angel: Jake stole Fang's DNA remember


Hermione: I have an idea. Fangicus Frogicus *POOF*

Fang 1: ribbit

Fang 2: Oops. Ahhhhh!(joins Percy and Peter by jumping out the window)

Angel: Why is there someone writing this conversation down?


Everyone: Let's get her!

Me: Ahhhh!(jumps out window)

Angel:She's still typing. Oh well. Who want's a smoothie?

Everybody(including me and Fang): ME!!! ME!!!

The End

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PasoFinoPowerThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Aug. 27, 2013 at 5:50 pm
Maximum Ride, Animorphs, Peter Pan, Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. GENIUS CHILD! I love this! 
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