December 10, 2011
By DooRonRon SILVER, Barstow, California
DooRonRon SILVER, Barstow, California
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Once upon a time there was a young woman who was alone. She yearned for someone she could talk with, to be with. So one day, she decided to go out into the world and find someone who was also alone. She knew that when she found him they would stay together. They would never feel alone again. They would make each other happy, they would be lovers, and they would stay with one another for ever.
She was just about to set off on her journey when fear took hold of her body. She feared the unknown of what was to happen to her and about what she would find. She was unknowingly aware of how much hate and death consumed the world and this frightened her so. Fear enclosed her; enveloped her with invisible shackles that tied her to the ground. She was a prisoner, all alone in her cage, never to come out. Many days she sat and dreamed of what would have happened if she left to find her love. Sh dreamed of conversations they would have and touches they would have shared. She dreamed for hours, because that's all she could do,was dream.
One day the sad realization struck her; she would never meet her lover. For now, she was to old and her lover has found another lonely soul. There was no room for her anymore. After this sad thought came another; she never looked for her lover and no one ever looked for her. While she stayed, tied up in her fearful cage, the world went on without her. It kept spinning, people kept moving, plants kept growing. Everything was fine without her and would always be. It did not matter if she lived or not. It would not make a difference in the world or in anyone's life. She was forever alone and forever forgotten. No one cared about this old woman. No one ever bothered to search or wonder about her.
Some people say she still lives in her cage in the forest. Others say she has been dead for many years. Either way, no one has ever looked and no one ever will.

The author's comments:
When writing this, I felt all kinds of emotion. I felt alone in the world, and how no one would understand me. I felt scared and was frightened about what would come and what is waiting for me. I felt deserted; thrown away; forgotten. Everything I felt, I put in this story and dumped it all on the old lady. Sorry, lady, but I had to give it to someone!

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