Oscar and Alphonse

December 9, 2011
By JFM62696 SILVER, Hamlin, Iowa
JFM62696 SILVER, Hamlin, Iowa
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Olive was a comfortless tiny girl that had lost her father a week ago. On the way home from school, Olive passed a covert, and one day she heard a voice coming from within. Olive eased her way in and she found on the top of a ginormous rock two pee-wee caterpillars. They suddenly introduced themselves.

“My calling is Oscar” said the smaller of the two, “and this is Alphonse.”

“My name is__” but before she could finish Alphonse said

“Yes, yes your name is Olive. We have been sent here to aid you against the pain.”

Olive took the caterpillars in her hand and started walking back to her home while talking about elements of her grief. Olive asked why her father had to depart, but that was one question that had no real justification. They had approached the house when Olive realized the caterpillars where looking sickish.

“What’s the matter Oscar and Alphonse? Why do you look so unhealthy?”

“You have reached your quest. The answers are in your palm. It’s our time to vanish. Shh, shh, child, don’t worry; it will be okay. Now don’t dispute on what we’re going to declare. Drop us on the ground from where your hands are now.” Oscar and Alphonse spoke.

She knew it was time to send them back. The caterpillars softly wiggled in her hand spelling out “Good-Bye”. Olive dropped them just like they requested. Before she could blink, two vibrant butterflies fluttered by her face.

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