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December 10, 2011
By LassieBob GOLD, Albion, Pennsylvania
LassieBob GOLD, Albion, Pennsylvania
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Diary Entry

8:45 PM

We’re heading home again. The stop in New York turned out to be a fluke.

Well. For the most part.

There were two young boys waiting for us in an alley. They wouldn’t explain how they knew we would be nearby, and I am suspicious of them. They begged us to take them with us which I thought was a bad idea.

Unfortunately, Joe and Lee thought we had to bring them back with us. So, with me being the minority, I had to let them come.

This means we have two new members in The Bevy. They said they’re called Rat and Mickey, which leads me to believe they were part of a gang group. I don’t ask questions though, as it would just make them feel even more uncomfortable.

They keep looking at me strangely, which tells me they weren’t expecting a girl to be in charge. Oh well. It’s normal.

Across the fire I see Lee trying to start conversation with Rat, the youngest one. I asked him to find out all he could, but it doesn’t seem like he’s getting very far. I’m going to see if I can help him.

Diary Entry
12:30 PM

Lee, Joe, Mickey, Rat and I have arrived safely home.

I’m sitting on a dark brown loveseat, which I learned was acquired by Robin while I was gone. He’s actually sitting next to me as I’m writing, telling me about everything that has happened. Apparently some of the guys had gotten into trouble with the police, stealing things such as pens and candy bars.

Robin just told me that some of the older boys are wanting to break from The Bevy. They think that they are being held back, and want to talk to me about it. He says that whenever I have time they are waiting. So I will take care of that now and record everything later.

3:23 PM

Five of the guys have decided to leave The Bevy. Marc, Spike, Reed, James, and Ian are all eighteen years old and feel like they should take care of themselves.

Sigh…. I understand where they’re coming from, but I don’t want them to go. I guess I’m turning into a softie, because I let down my guard for a minute.
I gave each one of them a hug.

Surprisingly, they all hugged me back and listened to me tell them how much I’ll miss them.

As they got ready to leave, Robin put his arm around me and gave me a tight squeeze. It made me feel better, and now I’m getting ready to tell the other guys why they left. Hopefully it will all go okay.

Diary Entry
9:32 AM

Mickey is nothing but trouble. He’s trying to stir up the guys and get them to gang up against me, saying that it’s like I’m a queen or something. Thankfully, most of the guys think he’s crazy.

In fact, there’s some that want Mickey to be kicked out. I’m going to hold a meeting later, to see what the majority of everyone feels. Will write back in a bit.

10:05 AM

Well, that is a relief. There’s maybe four guys who agree with Mickey, and they are all newcomers. Mickey has challenged me, and I have accepted. The duel is planned for two o’ clock today, and I am not worried in the slightest.

Robin however is fuming across the room. He won’t stop pacing, muttering about how petty Mickey’s arguments are.

I’ll talk to him in a while so he calms down, but right now I can hear something going on downstairs. I’ll check on it then continue writing.

10:15 AM

Three men were seen outside of the plaza in front of The Bevy. They are asking around about a group of children who roam the streets. All they guys are beginning to panic, and I must settle this. If I don’t return, I leave this diary in the hands of Robin.

Robin- I leave you in charge of The Bevy. Move all the guys (especially the younger ones) to the back-way. You should be safe there. You know the emergency plan.

10:59 AM

It turns out that Rat told the police our position. Thankfully I already sent the guys on their way. Right now I’m making sure everyone is out.

Robin is waiting at the door for me, and I will give him this diary before I leave. I will leave with Joe and divert the police’s attention. Until we meet again diary, I wish you well.

The author's comments:
I had to create a fictional character from scratch for a school assignment, and I found myself falling in love with this character. I wanted to see if others felt interested in this young girl's world, and if so, I would try to continue writing about her. =]

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