To Wish is to Dream

December 9, 2011
By Ebony.Riley BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
Ebony.Riley BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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I sit in my room, looking up at the night sky. There are no stars here. I have noticed this for a long time. I always try to figure out why I could not see the stars. I have thought, and I have thought. No matter how long I thought about it, nothing ever came to mind.
But something did come to mind.
As I sat outside my house, outside on that little bench under the gazebo, I looked up at the sky. Not a single star could be seen. It hurt my heart not being able to see them like I did every day back home. I smiled after a moment, because at that moment I wished that I could be back with my family on the other side of the county, the side where I knew there would be starts shinning bright over our heads at night.
That was when it hit me. Why there were no stars here. I looked back up again at the sky, and not a single twinkle in the sky. The reason why, I realized, there were no stars, was because we did not need wishes.
We make our own dreams come true. To have stars to wish upon and grant our wishes, that was the easy way out. What we really needed was reality. And if that meant to take away something that gave us hope every day, then that must be what has to be done. Take away the stars, take away the power to hope and wish.
Why hope, why wish, when you could make a dream a reality if only you would try hard enough.

The author's comments:
In Arizona sometimes it's hard to see any starts where I live because of all the lights. People tend to make wishes on stars, but sometimes we have to make what we want come true on our own.

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