December 6, 2011
By Hay.lea BRONZE, Bucks, Other
Hay.lea BRONZE, Bucks, Other
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I couldn’t tell you when the dingy azure sky darkened into the inky blackness that now surrounds me, but I can tell you what each of my neighbours would be doing at this time. Mr Flynn (I still don’t know his christian name) would still be working on his boat collection, he has over one hundred now. When I first heard him mention it I wondered how he could fit them all in his tiny one bedroom terrace. Turns out they aren’t really boats after all. Well, not full size boats anyway. Just those little ones that you see in all the little seaside gift shops, you know, the ones in the bottles. A bit of a trivial past time in my opinion, no wonder there isn’t a Mrs Flynn… Claire Yeagar (a young teacher at the local primary) would still be busy marking the sixth grade English assignments, she was complaining ostentatiously about the lack of punctuation and basic grammer to Julie and Reg earlier this evening. Julie and Reg (short for Reginald) would be sleeping, as anyone pushing seventy would be at this time of night. Have you noticed that you revert back to the same sleeping hours you had when you were younger? It’s almost as if you age backwards. Tiffany Gillam would have only just got Noah to bed, he is so spoilt you wouldn’t believe it. Last week he chucked his cell out of his bedroom window because his mother refused to get him a new one, what does a kid his age need a cell for? Who is he going to call anyway? I don’t think you really want to know what Gordan and Brenda will be up to, that’s knowledge no one would obtain willingly. Pauline Nichols’… now that’s a hard one. She will either be watching some sort of reality T.V programme or have fallen asleep in front of the T.V while watching said programme. I guess by now you are wondering why I know all this. I would tell you, but I think you should work that out for yourself.

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