Scene 3

November 17, 2011
By Houweling BRONZE, Escazu, Colorado
Houweling BRONZE, Escazu, Colorado
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Scene #3
Drug Dealers

After that night at the club, I knew that what I did was wrong, but I had no way to go back. What was done was done. I wasn’t planning on telling anyone about the drugs that I took, not even Jennifer. I guess I was just kind of ashamed. Taking drugs was not very smart of me, I mean iwas’t like people thought that I was a genius, but I didn’t want people to think that I was stupid either. After I took the drugs it made me feel like there was nothing, no wife, no surfing, no job or me to worry about. I wanted to feel that way again so I decided to go back to the same bar and try to find the same drug dealer.
It was early, I guess around seven at night and there was a guy sitting by the bar sipping on a glass of whiskey with three cubes of ice, there was a couple sitting at a table in the corner of the bar and both of them were drinking a bottle of light beer. Uh that reminds me of Jennifer, she loves light beer. But then I saw a guy with a familiar face sitting in the other corner of the bar. Could that be the drug dealer? I kind of asked myself. I walked over to him.
“Do you by any chance remember me?” I asked
“Yeah, of course, you were the guy I gave some of my drugs to, right?”
“Yeah that was me, umm I was wondering if you by any chance had some left?” I asked with an insecure voice
“Yes, but this time it is not for free,” He sounded as if he was p*ssed.
“I know that, it is just that I don’t have the money now, I can give it to you later.”
“No man, I want it now or no deal.” He didn’t sound too happy.
For some reason I just couldn’t walk away, it was like this urge to do anything to get the drugs.
“Listen, I have no money but I can give you anything you want,” I offered
“Okay lets go outside for a second.”
As we walked out, two other guys came out of a red car that was parked just outside the entrance.
“What the h*ll is going on?” I asked
“You said you would do anything right?”
“What do you mean?” I asked
“Listen, I will make you a deal, I’ll give you three grams of whatever you want if I can beat you up once in a while.”
I could see from his face that he was dead serious. It kind of scared me; I thought through the offer and knew instantly that I wasn’t going to do it.
“Ha ha, no thanks.”
“Listen man, you still have to pay for the shot I gave you last time remember.”
It scared me and I didn’t know what to do, the first thing that came to my mind was: RUN!! I started to run, but actually had no where to go.. I just ran. The guys caught up with me though, they grabbed me and up pushed me against the dumpster, the drug dealer came. He punched me in my left eye and then kicked me in the stomach. I screamed but it seemed as if nobody heard me.

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